How To: FB Account Acquistion via LeadGen Ads (to rent out FB accounts for ads)

To my digital marketing friends (newbs/intermediate/experts welcomed!)


I’ve always wondered about those Craigslist ads.

I’d be interested to hear more.

(Clearly I don’t do FB marketing)

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Indeed a lot of people do this on Craiglists.

@wortime What do you want to hear more about specifically?

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All of it to be honest. I hate the platform even though I need it. I do ads, but not like this.


Gotcha! This is very advanced marketing (acquiring accounts and launching ads) and a pretty huge infrastructure. This is useless for anyone that can’t spend more than 20k/month on tools/advertising spend.

That being, on my next post, I’ll continue posting the missing pieces regarding how I build a FB empire for ads.

For beginners or normal Facebook advertisers, I’ll also post best practices on how to succeed with the platform.

How does that sound?


People are going to love you. Not enough FB marketing here.


Awesome, happy to provide value here. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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thanks for sharing, nice to see more FB action here


Pleasure @nomad, I’ll see what kind of feedback I get from here and post based on what peoples’ needs are

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very nice!
think you

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Pleasure @Shelly :+1:

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Moved to level 3? cant see anything here :slight_smile: