How To: FB Account Acquistion via LeadGen Ads (to rent out FB accounts for ads)


To my digital marketing friends (newbs/intermediate/experts welcomed!),

Quick background about me before I start:

I’m an avid digital marketer & strategist for 5+ years where I manage media programs end-to-end, including strategy, planning, buying, operations, optimization and reporting. As well, I lead a team of 10+ media buyers running million dollar campaigns. I am a subject matter expert for Facebook & Instagram campaigns. Managing 500+ of daily campaigns in a significant scale and budgets.


Despite what some people say, Facebook is STILL a very profitable platform to advertise on. That being said, it isn’t wise to put all your eggs in one basket only.

I currently advertise the same products throughout 500 Facebook Accounts. This is especially useful for advertising grey products but I’ve also heard horror stories about Facebook shutting down kosher accounts without warning/explanation.

This post is useful for anyone that wants to acquire FB accounts (for blackhat marketing mostly)

OR to simply launching an acquisition campaign for gigs/hires

Keep in mind that I use a software to manage all these accounts afterwards. I can talk more about that on my next post.

How To:

Step 1: Start Lead Gen Ad on Facebook

Step 2: Use Zapier to automate the transfer all leads to Google Sheets

step 3: Use Mailchimp to automate sending an email blast to leads

Here’s the follow up sequence I used for Mailchimp. Modify it as you see fit. You’re welcome!

Email 1:

Hey [name],

Thank you for your interest in working with us at X. We received your application on Facebook!

Kindly reply to this email to let me know if you’re still interested? If yes, in my next email, I’ll tell you a little bit more about the role and the requirements to qualify.

Best regards,

[account manager name]
Acquisition Manager

Email 2:

Hey [name],

Awesome! So we are a new startup (marketing agency) looking for candidates that are interested in helping us with product research. We are looking for X that can help us gather data via their Facebook ads. We then use this data to determine the demand in Canada in the wellness and health industry. You would be launching ads on our behalf on your Obviously, we pay for the ads by using our own payment method.

As compensation for helping with us with our research, we will pay you $X, paid weekly via X.

Please keep in mind that we do not ask for any personal/confidential information from your end. We only need access to your Facebook Ads Manager, which you can revoke at any time.


-> Earn an easy Pay-check every week

-> Pays out $X/mo

-> Easy-to-do from home social research job. Only 30 minutes to 1.5 hours a month of work

Before we proceed, please verify a couple of things:

  • Please send me your Facebook link & a screenshot of a fb post you have made sometime in 2016 Please make sure your account name is visible on the top right corner. (this serves as proof that your account has been active for over 2+ year)

  • What time is best for you to be online with your personal computer for the initial setup?

  • Have you ever used Facebook ads? If yes: has your account ever been flagged?

  • Are you a X resident and lived in X 2 years+

  • Do you have AnyDesk a free app installed on your computer? (Please download it from )

I will reach out to you shortly once you answer the above questions!


[account manager name]

Acquisition Manager

Email 3:

Hello [name],

Awesome, thanks for the info! So you seem to be a good fit for our $X/month (paid weekly) position. Please continue reading for the next steps.

For this position, you don’t have to do much. You only need to make sure that your personal computer is online and connected to (only during our one-time on-boarding process).

From there, myself or someone from our team will connect to your PC via AnyDesk, please have it installed on your PC or laptop before our appointment. Use to download it for free. (Do not download from your applications store)

Once connected, we will install the chrome verified plugin “editthiscookie”, which will give us access to your ads manager while you’re away from your PC. (To insure security: you will be able to monitor our onboarding process while we connect through AnyDesk. But please no interruptions.)

Please note: In no way will your personal information will be seen/accessed/used for malicious purposes.

Our on-boarding steps:

Please book a time slot here >>

If by any chance your ads account is not able to process our credit card or create any ads, then we will terminate this opportunity since we won’t be able to conduct our research unfortunately.

Your most important task is a one-time effort, which is making sure that your personal computer (with teamviewer installed) is online during onboarding process.

Specific Requirements:

  • Your Facebook account must be created in 2016 or before.

  • Your Age should be 18+

  • Have a valid Government ID picture available on your Desktop (you can blur out all details EXCEPT: NAME, PICTURE, DOB).

This is required to prove that you are a X resident.

  • You must be an active Facebook user with at least a few monthly engagements.

  • You must have at least 5mbps internet connection.

  • Access to your own personal computer/laptop

  • You must have AnyDesk installed on your personal computer

  • Although you will always have access to monitor your Ads Account, you should never edit/change anything in your ad account during our whole research, as this can manipulate our statistics and data. If we find out that changes were made in the ads account, we will terminate this opportunity immediately.

Additional information:

-Very very important: your FB account should always be auto-logged in on your chrome browser, meaning you should never log out to log into a different account. If there are multiple pc users, then make sure to create a “separate Chrome profile”. (Settings>Manage Other People>add Person)

  • We pay with X every week.

  • Your Facebook account will never get banned.

  • We will not have access to your personal account nor messages. We will be using the Ads Manager part of your account only:

  • Our first time using your Facebook account we will access through AnyDesk,then we will use a Chrome verified extension called “editthiscookie” so that moving forward we won’t need to access your account via a remote access tool. This will help us to ONLY login into We will not have access to your personal account information (passwords, etc).

If you do not meet the above requirements, unfortunately we cannot move forward with you, thank you for your time.

If you feel like you still meet all the requirements above, book a time slot with me so we can begin (and you may ask me any further questions you may have)

Please book here >>

Looking forward.

Kind regards,

[account manager name]

Acquisition Manager

Let me know if you have questions and what you would like to learn more about on my next post!

Yours truly,
316 Interactive


I’ve always wondered about those Craigslist ads.

I’d be interested to hear more.

(Clearly I don’t do FB marketing)


Indeed a lot of people do this on Craiglists.

@wortime What do you want to hear more about specifically?


All of it to be honest. I hate the platform even though I need it. I do ads, but not like this.


Gotcha! This is very advanced marketing (acquiring accounts and launching ads) and a pretty huge infrastructure. This is useless for anyone that can’t spend more than 20k/month on tools/advertising spend.

That being, on my next post, I’ll continue posting the missing pieces regarding how I build a FB empire for ads.

For beginners or normal Facebook advertisers, I’ll also post best practices on how to succeed with the platform.

How does that sound?


People are going to love you. Not enough FB marketing here.


Awesome, happy to provide value here. Stay tuned :slight_smile:


thanks for sharing, nice to see more FB action here


Pleasure @nomad, I’ll see what kind of feedback I get from here and post based on what peoples’ needs are


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Pleasure @Shelly :+1: