How to find a good niche for my Instagram accounts?

can you suggest to me what i will to do fo find the correct niche for creat IG account about it
and some think like get followers or free gift still working ?

I’m sorry to say, but I doubt that anyone is going to give you their niche. Luckily, it seems like you just want some pointers for research, so here’s by $.02: you can use tools to see the popularity and trends of hashtags on Instagram, which can be very helpful. You can also use Google’s analytics tools to find things that are growing in popularity.

My personal philosophy behind niches is to find an area that’s not too crowded (or not, whatever), and make it work. If you’re willing to hustle and put in the effort, you can make just about anything work (even in a saturated niche).

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Is there a lot of people doing it? Yes. Why? Because it works :slight_smile:
The problem is, Instagram really doesn’t like accounts that promote these kind of stuff, so if you decide to go this way, be prepared for a lot of PV and disabled accounts.

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thank you for your greats information
you talk about some tools to see polularity can you suggest me tools that do that just for instagram ?
not think’s are general like google trend or other

Your brain is your most powerful tool here. Think about what are masses passionate about, something that’s worth of doing endless survey just to get it.

I’ll give you a hint. Some people are passionate about sports, some really like movies and would do anything to watch them for free since they don’t want to pay for Netflix or don’t know how to use torrents.

To hell with it, I promoted CPA email submit offer “Who will win: Democrats vs Republicans” and it was converting really well even couple of months before USA elections.

Even though it’s related to posting on FB groups, I’ll tell you how I did it:

  1. Joined bunch of FB groups by using keywords like these: City name Democrat party, City name Republican party
  2. Make a LP with button Vote for your party here
  3. In Democrats related groups I would post something like:
    Hey guys, look at this poll, republicans are winning, let’s vote and show them our strenght.
    And opposite stuff in Republicans group.

People who joined these groups are really passionate about politics and would do anything to make their party look better, stronger.

Use your most powerful tool, your brain. Take a day, two or three to choose your niche. Do it smart.


Hey adnan i really like this, i am in the same boat right now. i am truggling with my niche, i already have account in IG 15k 20k and not getting noooo money no where. i am in the entreperneur niche. any tips?

How do you monetize your accounts?