How to find clients without cold calling?

Hey Guys,

I know this is a very basic question but I need to find more clients and the problem is I don’t want to do cold calling because I like to think 5 minutes about my response for the potential client!

So, I figured out Email is a very good way for me to contact clients but I don’t know where to find people / businesses that are based in Germany, need Help with Instagram and own a Email.

Where do you find clients that you contact per email?

Thanks for all responses!

Cold Calling is effective, you need to train yourself to better, most people don’t respond too fondly to emails if its cold-emailing

Another way is to cold DM the owners of the business by doing some research :wink:

How to write emails when you did some research?

You gotta get over the fear of cold calling. We’ve all been there starting out.

Be proud of your product. If you know what you are doing, you will be offering a service that will make them more money and help them fulfill their dreams and goals faster too.

So why wouldn’t you want to share the good news? Pick up the phone or better yet - go visit prospective clients in person.


Whats cold calling ?

Calling people that have no relation to you and pretty much convincing them to use your services/pay

Its rough cause people are scared of rejection/calls

First: Try to use your connections. Friends, Family stuff like that and offer them a cheap price. Then because they will love your service, they will tell their friends and you will get more clients that you can charge more.


Reach out to people who are still using print publications to advertise - e.g People/business’ who pay to advertise in those free magazines that nobody picks up in supermarkets. Or on billboards around town. Offer them a discounted first month and provide great results, and then up your price.

It’s a win-win.


I usually try to get a client on a call haha!

I’m not a fan of it but its vital to get them on a call because it increases the chance of them converting drastically. The more people I hop on calls with, the more money I make.

Personally, I have landed and closed many, many clients via Instagram DM on my personal IG page. Other common places are through messenger or email.

I also get leads from Youtube, and Facebook. I recently made a blog in hopes of getting more traffic (attention) for my brand which I try to convert to calls (or video calls) and then clients.


The best way is to get leads through a form filled by people who were searching for your services (you can get this from people who provide qualified leads or traffic from a website you own).
Then you warm them up with an email sequence showcasing your value. After that just get them hooked on a call and close the sale.
Works much better than just straight up cold calling, my conversion rates have increased dramatically.

thanks for the reply

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Use linkedin. All the business owners are there…

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That’s a good idea! I’ll try it.

Nice, do you DM the people or do they find you because you have big growth?

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What do you do to get Clients on LinkedIn? Messaging people, giving value?

Building up your connections. Please don’t cold message on LinkedIn, there are lots of very serious people on there who don’t even have time to block you, they’ll just completely ignore your messages.

However, posting testimonial/results on your LinkedIn profile and then making your connections go up as fast as possible with the key decision makers of potential prospects is a good idea.

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They almost always DM me. They find my instagram page, FB group, or content and I wait for them to send me a message. It’s far easier to close them as they reached out to you and have a need for a service like yours.

I wouldn’t recommend cold calling a prospect unless you know they have an interest or a need for your service. This is the most important thing. If you blindly cold call, you’re going to go to voice mail 99% of the time. And the person you call will most likely not be a key decision maker.

What I do with my clients is help them run a mass cold email outreach campaign for their SMMA services. First, the initial cold email is focused on getting a reply back. The second email or reply email is focused on getting the client to do your CTA (or get on a phone call with you).

If you send a few hundreds of cold emails a day with a good email list, you could probably be getting 5+ phone calls a day with prospects. Now, lets say you have a 25% conversion rate on the phone. That’s a solid 1-2 clients a day.