How to find followers statistics of account who follow me back?

I’m new to MP so this question might be answered before. Anyway, is there a way to find out followers statistics of accounts that follow me back using MP?

My theory is this: only accounts with x followers care if you follow/like their photos and this x number is definitely not 100,000. So I would like to see the statistic to make an informed decision.

I just set my follow/like setting to only interact with accounts with less than 5k followers but this still seems high. Can anyone give me some advice?


Why not use a ratio instead of a number? Experiment & find the ratio that works best for you.

What would be a general guideline to find out which ratio is good? Can you please point me to the right direction?

There really isn’t a magic number - a lot depends on your niche & how good your content is. Are people going to want to follow you? That’s the first question you should ask yourself.

Formula for the ratio is just followers / followings.

  • Someone with 10,000 followers & 7,000 followings would have a ratio of ~1.4

  • Someone with 5,000 followers & 5,000 followings would have a ratio of 1

  • Someone with 2,000 followers & 6,000 followings would have a ratio of ~.33

So, you can do the math & go from there.

Conversely, you may also want to use a ratio on your unfollow tool to not unfollow anyone with a high ratio, as they’re obviously more likely to unfollow you.

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