How to find good groups for posting?

How to find groups from 10K and more where I can share my shares from FanPage or post links to my website? All opened big good groups with good engagment not allowed weblinks. How do you get traffic from group posting?

What’s your niche?

Fitness niche

It’s been a couple years ago, but I received a huge list of groups from a fiverr gig. Not sure if it’s still available.

But how they got list?

I have no idea about that. All I know is I received 500 groups with over 5k members.

Niche groups or total groups about all niche? Public or closed groups? I think closed groups are not good for traffic.

Niche and public. Just head over to fiverr and search for it. I don’t even know if it’s still available.

I see 5$ for 50 targeted FACEBOOK GROUPS! :slight_smile:

Cool. It will be a little more expensive but worth it :slight_smile:

Is it good to use closed groups? They are not good for sharing

i find you this guy