How to find influencers?

Hey guys,

I have been I using heepsy for a while before they increased their rates to the roof…

Anyone can advise a fair platform to get influencers sorted by engagement, geolocation and number of followers?

Many thanks!



Good question thanks for asking I’ve been wondering this for ages!

I recommed you to do it by yourself with JV, you can scrape accounts with more than “x” Followers and more than “x” engagement. You can filter them by geolocation as well, its not the most comfortable but it will do the trick.

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It’s gonna take years…

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But good idea! Thanks

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Any idea guys?

you can find many tools to calculate engagement and ofc searching the influencer by yourself which will make you learn more stuff unless your time worth more than what it cost
but trust me doing it manualy you’ll get a flair of which content work & which does not & real influencer from fake one its awesome for find influencer

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The explore page? :thinking:

That’s a great tool ?

If you want influencers from a specific city, go to instagram and search on hashtags like newyorkblogger, chicagoblogger,… Then choose if you want to scroll through popular or recent posts.

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