How to Find Small TikTok Influencers?

Hi Y’all,

I run an ecomm brand and have played around with IG automation for the past 5 years.

I’m looking to move into Tik Tok by finding small influencers I can use to create ads for me - giving them the products plus cash to create content.

The issue I’m running into is how to actually find small accounts. When you search a hashtag, it always pulls up the most liked videos - there is no way to see any smaller accounts.

On Instagram, it’s incredibly easy to find micro influencers - just look through the followers of the big accounts in your niche. But, it’s proving to me much more difficult on tik tok.

Ultimately, I’m looking for 10-20 influencers to create videos for me and I’ll test them all out as ads.

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Appreciate the help!

This is an interesting one.

  1. Facebook Groups
    There’s a lot of communities of smaller influencers on Facebook who discuss growth tips etc. These are generally good places to start and we’ve picked up a lot of talent this way.

  2. Use Instagram
    Depends on the type of influencers you’re looking for but most people with a reasonable audience will also be on TikTok. Just use the usual discovery channels for IG.

  3. External tools
    There are many and I’ve used 99% of them with mixed results. Depends on your niche and needs. Had a few colleagues recently approve of hypetrace but I haven’t used it myself and can’t vouch.

One thing I would say is if you’re just looking for content production at a low cost rather than actual sponsored content, it’s much easier to find talent to do this. We built our own in-house network of just under 1000 creators in varying demos, regions, niches that make ads for all our clients. If none of the above methods hit 100% for you, happy to see if we can help. You’re looking at about $80 flat per video, fully edited and set up in a way that we know works for ads.

Hope that helps.

you can easily find them on Tiktok as well, using hashtags related to your niche and product will give you a set of videos and not all of them are big accounts in fact there are many small ones and you can filter them by hand then contact them.

Oddly they all seem to be massive accounts for me. When I search hashtags such as #momlife - the top 100 videos all have 10k+ views and likes. Looking for those influencers who would be willing to do the videos for free.

If @Putt has got his own internal list of people they use, that could be great to start with. I’m thinking of ordering call it 5 videos and see how they do.

How about adult niche? We are running a adult toys store focus on USA market? Anything you can help bud?

yes that is weird because i just tested from my phone to see whether i will find some micro-influencers when manually searching using hashtags and I did get them easily maybe that’s different from country to country

Best way will be to find them directlly by searching on tiktok using filters. If you go to a marketplace where they sell shotout may be to expensive…