How to find the right Influencer?

As some of you might know, I started a clothing store. Promoting it with Adwords, IG and FB.
So far, so good.

I am looking for Influencer now.

We got a pretty big one a football player from the german national team, but he is going to do this since we are friends. And he will spread it with his teammates, let’s see how this works out.

How can I use socialblade to find the right one?

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Socialblade isn’t what you want. Try something like iconosquare or They have lists of influencers based on specific hashtags/sectors.


Ya this wont really provide you with the full picture to be able to make a truly educated decision


You could do it manually by checking out the top people in the big hashtags… Some may already be doing that sort of thing with other brands.

Make a list of potent influencers to reach out to through the hashtags.
Start reaching out to them with your offer (approaching it in a way to benefit their fans and him)
Follow up
Re-evaluate your offer / approach
Find more influencers


Thank you guys :slight_smile: Appreciate the help!

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