How to fix the "Action Required" Loop?

Hey guys, few of my Account got the Action Required Loop in Jarvee. I tried an re-login already but it won’t go away.

How did you manage to fix that?

Thanks in advance

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Try to reset the device ID from Advanced settings, then click on the Verify account button again.

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if that doesn’t work make sure the account is correctly logged from the eb then reset once again stop trying for a few hours and try once again it should be fixed.

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I’ll try that. I have an annoying account that says action required or email verification yet its fine in Eb. Had to turn it off as it was annoying me.

Yes, resetting the device ID should fix the action required loop.

Does the account have this option checked?

I mentioned this option to you when you wanted fix Email confirmation. The option should be unchecked when the account doesn’t have email confirmation status.