How to Follow same instagram account twice

I followed one of the private accounts from a scraper account through jarvee but the private account didnt accept the request. I would like to send request again from the same profile but jarvee is not following it as it was already actioned yesterday.
I cant find the option to turn off “follow only unique accounts” or something similar on jarvee. Please help?
i dont have that scraper account logged in elsewhere and would like to perform action on jarvee only. Besides it can work on the strategy of following verified profiles repeatedly to gain followers too.

do you mean this option in Settings > Social Platforms > IG?

If you sent a follow request to a private user, you need to cancel the follow request first before you can follow again, right?

If it’s already been cancelled, what you need to do is delete that user from your Follow tool results tab.

If it’s cancelled through Unfollow tool, you will also need to go to Ignore users (Social Profiles > Actions > edit, then go to Ignore users tab), then delete the user from your Ignore list.

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Thanks a lot for your help. The above option you sent is for following different users across different accounts.
the request was sent to a private user who denied and cancelled it. i deleted it from results but it still didnt work. And though this account was not unfollowed, it still appeared in ignore users tab and that worked. But i feel there should be an option to choose if you dont want the follows from specific source to go to the ignore tab.

You’re welcome. You can send a feature request to the support, maybe they will add that option in the future. It will be very useful indeed.

I will surely do that. Bunch of other features too i would like to see on jarvee. One being limiting concurrent accounts on a single proxy. This is very important as i think running multiple accounts on the same ip at the same time (4g or dc) is the reason behind ig bans people are talking so much about these days.

That’s why they have scheduling and night mode. It’s on you to set it up so that the accounts aren’t running simultaneously. It definitely can be done, as I did it when I was running 4g and most who are running 4g, that’s what they do. Good luck.