How To Follow/UF in Jarvee with out scrappers

Can i do the Follow Unfollow Thru jarvee for my personal account without scrappers as I just have 1 account?
If Yes, then should I use api or embedded browser and how much shld be the limit ?

The limit is really low without scrapers. Scrapers doesn’t care about your accounts count. You need to scrape only if you want to meet certain criteria if you want to follow/unfollow everyone without any filters (I don’t suggest this) that can be done without scrapers. Just test for the perfect spot. It depends on what proxy are you using or if you’re using a proxy at all.

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yes you can… you need to scrape all the users you want to follow/unfollow outside of the software and then load them all using follow using specific users


I tried this but it seems like they still need API accounts logged in, but using API triggers pass changes for clients.

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do you have more success with embeded browser or api ?

Yeh we found out that when doing SPECIFIC USERS you still need valid scrapers.

Surprisingly the scraper does a LOT of calls just to verify specific users.

We tested an external scraper service to load the userlist into specific users but unfortunately this doesn’t look like its going to work either.


On you main account do you only follow with embeded browser ?

If your account is set to use API and you have only one account you will be able to start with actions, but probably you will get scrape or action block soon. But if you use your home IP, you haven’t use other accounts in the past and you don’t use too aggressive settings, maybe you don’t have too many issues. And yes, even if your account is set to use only embedded browser, you need to have at least one valid IG account that uses API so that Jarvee can use this account for necessary API calls.

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Yes, you always need to have at least one account that is on API to be able to perform actions with an account which is on the Use only EB option.

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It’s useless because in that case we might as well just use full scraper solution.

Jarveee needs to get their shit together to be honest.

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Yes it is useless at this point. There really is no point in using a specific userlist because you will lose scrapers very quickly this way as well. Might as well do full scraping so you get the benefit of the FBR etc.

Does anyone know why it needs to make so many calls just to do a basic follow from a specific user? I was told by support that it is to check if the account about to be followed is valid.


yes, bring the old times back where i used to follow 1000 people everyday :slight_smile:

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Specific will consume 1/20 scrapers.
No search need to be done.

Hey guys, I seen multiple times : " you always need to have at least one account that is on API to be able to perform actions with an account which is on the Use only EB option."

My question is, if you are running 200 accounts, all through EB, does having 1 account on the API will be enough?

P.S There is a source already.


Definitely not for us. The one scraper will die very quickly. It looks like you need to have a minimum of around 5 that are valid (per 100 mains) so you don’t get any 550 errors.

so currently these are my setting for 1 main account i have 5 scrappers 1:5 ratio.

I am extracting users from scrapper account and sending them to the main account.

The main account is following them thru embeded browser below are the result for running them for 1 day.

and fyi I did 75 follows for the main account

When you guys say 5 scrapers per main, it means if I have 200 accounts I need 1,000 scrapers to do the API calls although I already have a source?

I just add those scrapers through “IG Scraper” and all of those scrapers on the same IP?

I wouldn’t run al scrapers on the same IP. I am using cheap proxies for my scrapers.

How much time do they survive this way ?