How to gain followers from FB ADS to instagram?

Hey how to gain followers from Fb ads to instagram, what type of ads is it and what would be an approximate price for 1 follower from Fb ads to IG?

Pretty simple answer: Don’t use ads to grow followers. Ads are good for monetary ROI (sales) but not for social ROI (growth)! There are way better and cheaper ways, just search for them in this amazing forum!


Run ebook giveaways, and link to email funnels.

Normally helps growth (followers) but can cost around $3 a (real) follower

In my experience you can drop cost per follower down to 10c if your creative is optimized around it and you know what you are doing with your ad setup

Thank you people

Run giveaways. Even if they are not real and you are not going to give away the product, run them.

Say something like “if you follow my account, tag three of your friends and share this post in your storie, you will have the chance to win a (a product related to your niche)!”.

Then, fake screenshots xD

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