How to gain high-quality Instagram followers fast in 2020 🔥

A lot of people want to successfully grow on Instagram. Not a lot of people want it enough though.

Wherever you look, there are people sharing their Instagram link or handle to get 5 followers that will most likely unfollow after they get what they want – a follow back.

The main reason for this is rather because people don’t want to invest their time or their money into growing their Instagram page, thus building their online presence.

If you resonate with the last line, then there’s bad news – this method isn’t for you.

If you are serious about growing your personal or your business’s online presence through Instagram, however, this is the method I mostly recommend in 2020:

Instagram Story Ads

This is a paid method, and it is (in my experience) the most effective way of leveraging high quality and fast follower-gain in 2020.

Here’s why this method provides a high-quality follower-gain:

1- Instagram story ads are created through the Facebook business manager, which allows detailed audience targeting, from geographic location, age and gender, to specific interests and behaviors, meaning that you’re able to choose who you want your ad to be shown to;

2- Despite being a paid method, it’s quite an economic method when compared to other paid methods, such as shoutouts. The main reason for that is simple: you won’t be wasting money on reaching an audience that possibly won’t be interested in your ad or your page or even the product or service that you’re selling. By correctly selecting your ideal audience, you will only spend your ad budget towards that audience.

That said, it’s unlikely that every single person you reach will be super interested right away and click on your link, but you will – at the very least – minimize wasteful ad spend budget, which naturally translates to a much higher conversion to followers, per click.

3- Contrary to other methods such as follow / unfollow, this method will incite people to follow your page for its content or theme, not for a follow back. This way, it becomes much easier and natural for you to create a sense of community around your page and, consequently, enhance your engagement levels throughout the process.

Here’s why this method provides a fast follower-gain:

1- Through the power of Instagram story ads, you’re able to reach a massive audience with a medium ad spend budget (I’m talking about as low as hundreds of dollars). Of course, the more you spend, the more reach you will leverage.

2- Instagram ads will put any fully organic growth method to shame in terms of follower-gain. The tendency is for social media platforms to lower their organic reach potential, inciting people to go for paid ads.

Yes, they’re a business, that’s why they want to make more $. Yes, that may be sad for several reasons, but it is what it is, so get used to it and adapt. Use paid ads while they’re so powerful and fairly accessible, budget-wise.

The only platforms that are still very viable in terms of organic reach are LinkedIn and TikTok (being that it’s so recent).

3- Lots of people spend at least 3 hours a day on Instagram (and nowadays, more than ever), scrolling through their feed and their stories. And so probably do you. That’s where most people’s eyeballs are at, most of the time, quite literally. If your ad isn’t there, it’s nowhere to be found by the masses.

4- I am able to grow 5k-15k followers per month for various niches, as well as for both personal and reposting pages just through Instagram story ads.

DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind that it’s much easier for you to leverage follower-gain through your ads if they resonate with your page in its theme and content. This method should serve as a complement to your page’s already organized strategy within Instagram, from content to hashtags, to stories, etc. If your page doesn’t provide any kind of value or is just set badly, sort that out first and then go for it.

Hope this was insightful! Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions :blush:


what’s your average cost per click for story ad?

Yes, this is something I’ve been considering, hearing great things about IG Story ads.

How do you find inspiration for the right ads? I’m guessing their designed specifically to get page visits, right?

yes that is right

well ads , can be cheap but this tutorial it is just basic.
Depends on your target audience … it is different compare 3rd party world followers with US 25+ followers.

would love to chat about this @shak_shak

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