How to gain more followers on Instagram without following everyone?

I’m using bot but I gained little bit amount of followers. My Following has increased and It’ll do negative impact on it.
Anyone has a solution?

Awesome content

content is a king

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Use plenty of hashtags on posts

What niche is your account in?

Fashion Blogger

If not wanting to do follow/unfollow, using good hashtags is helpful, combined with the quality content which is the first step. For finding good hashtags @MojoJojo is excellent. Based on the public section of this thread, I am unsure how much more I can talk about that, but you can talk further with him if interested.


I’m in the same niche as you and after using automation + good hashtags I’m able to grow 100-150 followers a day. Not the best but still quite good compared to what I got in the past.

Perhaps you should improve your sources for follow/unfollow?

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Same thing goes as what I mentioned before - if you’re having trouble getting good followback ratios on sources, talk to @MojoJojo.

Edit: That is if you simply can’t get good results yourself. I’m in no way associated with him - just trying to help you, as many experienced users on here vouch for his help.