How to generate fake followers?

Hello friends, good afternoon!

I’m from Brazil and I’m using the google translator, forgive me for the mistakes.

I am doing a specific marketing action, I have 7 accounts and I need 1000 fake followers in each one.

Is there a fake follower generator?

I tried to buy, but the prices were exorbitant. Someone sells?

Summary: I have 7 accounts and I need 1000 followers in each one, can someone give me some light?

Hi Jose,

As much as I know, nobody sells fake followers here in our marketplace.
You can check other forums, I’m sure there are sellers on BHW.

Thank you, Adnan.

BHW is blackhatworld? I’ll look over there!

Yes, check it out.

Thank you, Adnan. Through BHW, you got a service that offers 1000 counterfeits for less than a dollar, it helped me a lot.Thank you very much, hugs.