How to get 100k followers in 48 hours (Youtube Video 11/8/17) - Realistic spending for this type of growth strategy

Hey Everyone!

I’m a fairly new user here on the forum and just wanted to take the time to start a conversation about a video that I’ve seen get alot of traffic and peak alot of peoples interest about Instagram. I’m sure alot of you all have seen this video. I was wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on growing an account this way.

Essentially it revolves around creating an account with content that is already viral, and then creating a promo video highlighting the content that is posted on your account that you are able to then pay for other large accounts to promote. Obviously this guy is doing it using a network that he already has, so likely isn’t paying with money for the repost of his promo video. For that reason, I just wanted to get a rough idea of what this type of growth strategy would require for a newbie to enter the game.

Lets guess that he is promoting his video on 10-15 accounts all with 1M-10M followers. The accounts that the promo video is being posted on are all accounts that fall into a specific niche, so for this thought experiment lets just say that the niche is motivation/entrepreneurship. Lets theory-craft to get a rough guesstimate of the type of monetary input it would require to use this strategy.

Looking forward to everyone’s thoughts on both the strategy and what would be required to do this without a large network of your own.

PS this is more of a thought experiment and just an interesting look at a video that is popular right now. I do not intend to grow an account in this fashion as I prefer the grind and learning through the process. However, it would be an interesting business strategy if someone was able to perfect a method like this and grow accounts for startup/small businesses to push their products. Example: starting a Instagram based on cool cars with the intent to start directing traffic to a car parts website.

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Find the price of 10 influencers in your niche i would think around $200/$250 a post for big acccounts times x 10 $2500 roughly

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You fell for the beginner trap , this promo was faked . Some real followers , but mainly fake followers .

Regarding your strategy , these things only work with viral content . You mentioned startups etc . These things are not compatible . You can grow 3-5k daily with such accounts , content and some dollars invested … but in the end of the day , what is the value ?

Also if you use the search function or browse a bit , someone was talking about this fake promo some time ago . I even posted some of the accounts he did shoutouts on .


watched that video a couple of days ago and thought it was a trap. I am getting about 100-150 new followers daily and i am ok with this. :slight_smile:

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I think gaining followers like that is bad in general because it decreases engagement


I’ll save some people time. Video pretty much said:

  1. Steal content.
  2. Have big pages post your stolen content and credit you.

Although he fails to say you have to pay large pages to post your content. He acts as if they’ll do it for free. Click bait af.


Why would gaining followers in this fashion decrease engagement? Essentially you are only going to gain followers if they are interested in this content, unlike methods like follow/unfollow which is clear why engagement sucks with that sort of method. Thanks for the reply and any further insight.


Why is that strategy frowned upon? Taking viral content and reposting it seems like an extremely viable strategy for an account as long as you give credit to the original poster because you already know how the Instagram community should theoretically interact with it. Obviously this would cost money to get a shoutout, but it seems like a fairly decent strategy to go from 0 followers to 5k+ in the shortest amount of time. Especially if you couple this with powerlikes/engagement groups. I’m not trying to argue for the legitimacy of the video (if it truly was staged). I’m not looking to get 100k followers overnight. I wanted this to be more of a discussion of if this seems like a viable strategy to start a new account, and if not why. Or if the community feels as though there is a better 0-5k followers strategy.

Thanks everyone for their input thus far!

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what a BS, no way you can reach such audience on IG so fast…
why people post such a crap

The same reason why people want to believe into money making guides .

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At least We can learn something from that video.

Dont think it is BS mean 100% in that video are BS

I just say so :smiley: