How to get basically any amount of accounts created past max amount for free

What You Need

  • An account that is big or even semi big or just any account that has a fan base with people willing to help you out.

What To Do

  • Create Spam Emails To Use
  • Post a Story asking people to DM you to make an account for you in exchange for a shoutout
  • When they DM you, have them make the account on their phone with a spam email you created and have them skip adding the phone number to it.
  • When it’s created have them send you the username and password they made.
  • Confirm the email to the account and change the info.

And Boom!

You now have a way to get unlimited accounts created for you without needing to spend hard earned money.

And since they create the account using your email they can’t take the account back if they wanted to in the future.

I have been doing this to make over 40 accounts, I even added my phone number that was blocked from making accounts to the accounts, and none have been banned or had any issues in months. I think this is a useful way to get around paying for people to do it for you for free.

This is mainly for those who have maxed out the amount of accounts IG will let you create from a single phone etc. who do not want to spend any cash to get new accounts made.


That sounds a little bit complicated mate.

you trying to run 40 accounts from your phone?

@Francis I have an even crazier idea that works too that i’ve been doing with this method I will do maybe in a future post, haven’t posted on here in ages and just felt like contributing. I was using this method for something I’ve been doing as a test project for my main brand account and it’s proving to work for me.

Also this method doesn’t need to be used to run a lot of accounts from one phone. It’s just to create more past the max this can have lot’s of practical uses. Plus it saves you money. Idk about you but i’d rather have more money in my bank account.

I make accounts on my computer and it’s FREE.

The computer has a max amount you can make before they block you too just like a phone but i’ll let your rude comment slide since you had a lack of knowledge.

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Hy bro. Sry for jumping in. Noob Question: Are you also referring to this method: [METHOD] STOP buying accounts! With a smartphone, you can create 50+ daily ?

No. I don’t know how what I said looks like anything that guy said on that thread. Did you even read what I wrote and what was on that thread? These are 2 totally different ideas.

I read your idea too and i like it. its really a creative one.

You wrote:
" computer has a max amount of accounts you can create" - the thread i linked says you can create 50+ daily with this method - i asked if computer has a max amount of accounts you can create when you use this method?

But I think i found allready an answer. I guess there is no limit when using this method but you really have to make sure IG can’t identify you via IPv4/device id.


That is what I talked about yesterday @kripke as I said for few accounts (not bulk amount like 100+) you can actually ask friends or some other people to create them for you. I have read this thread yesterday before I wrote it.

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Pretty cool way to get accounts!

Do you actually give them shutouts after they create an account for you?

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No, since you would have full control of the account by that point and they couldn’t take it from you if they wanted to, but if you wanna be a nice person you can lol it’s all your preference my man.

I understand what you mean now. But ya.

But as far as my method I have a network of fans running my pages for me as far as posting goes for each page I own, I have been doing this for months now.

Other parts of what I use this method for I can not talk about here in the public sections.

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Thats smart having your fans running pages for you for posting and stuff.

Are you ever scared of them stealing the account after you get it to a big number of followers?

Since they made the accounts with my own spam emails and I attach my number to each one, they can’t if they wanted to. If they even change the name or password i will get an email for that account and I can revert it instantly thanks to instagram security and I can just change the password and they will be locked out of the account unless they have the new password.

I have a notepad with each account, along with the emails, usernames, and who is running the account to be safe to keep track of everything.

However, I have not had 1 person do this to me yet. Most people are fans and they are willing to please me being a big account they follow and they want to be apart of something. And the best part is they will always do it for free. They see it as some type of internship and you can even tell them that if they want money. But if you own a big page, more often than not they will never ask for money and even offer to do it for free.

I choose to have people run my pages to make them feel more alive and not botty like with automatic posts etc. and nothing else going on, they can make my engagement and develop dedicated fans for that page for me like a real person. With stories, etc and all kinds of other stuff I wouldn’t have the time to do.

Plus I find it more reliable than having timed automatic posts. Sometimes issues can happen and posts don’t get posted etc. at least this way there are more pros than cons.

Pretty cool way to get new accounts, but it has must be a major benefit to the user to do so many things for just a shout out in stories. But if your account is 1m+ niche specific a couple minutes of work aint bad for potential to grow from the shoutout. Might be a good use for some panels to quickly grow an account to get the attention of new followers and get them to do it. Could get some quality accounts for a couple $ of fake followers :joy:

I did something like this a long time ago. I sent clients a letter saying they could get up to 150 extra likes per post per day if they followed what I said.

They had to create an email and account via phone, verify it and go through the verify process with me. They also had to upload 1- 3 pics per week.

Overall rate was like 20% people took it. I still have some of those accounts.


Looks a good way to make some trustable accounts, but quite complicated and time burning, plus it may be dangerous for the account asking it, not sure IG is ok with that.