How to get client to grow their instagram account

how to get client to grow their Instagram account

Can you give more context?

First Make friend

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Go to friends who own a shop and get that ball rolling

If you hover your mouse on this icon and click it

Type in:

  1. How to get clients

Read away.

Ohh and in case if that’s not enough spoon feeding, here you go

But in case if you want a short summary:

  1. Cold email
  2. Cold call
  3. Go and pitch businesses

Best give for “Spoon feeding” I have ever seen :laughing:

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I really hate threads like this. There’s been an influx of new people who don’t know what they’re doing expecting to make a quick buck. It’s highly irritating.


There are people who work for it and there are people who don’t. I’m glad its how it is, less competition for us :wink:


Search before posting should be a requirement for all forum software these days. If you don’t use the search feature you should be prevented from creating a new topic. Wonder if Discourse has such a plugin.


They could make another user group, that requires you to read the rules + make an intro thread before seeing the rest of the board. I know it can be done on other community softwares, some even auto DM the rules to new members.


Yeah, that could work.

Although to be honest when you’re creating a new topic that massive box to the right basically says “There are already 10 topics about this, are you sure you need to create one” so it’s just the nature of things. It feels great to help people with questions, but when they’re generic and already searchable to a degree, then there’s really no point.


That is a fantastic idea. Maybe start a poll and pitch it as a feature on MP Social? It would make the threads that DO get posted so much more informative. Rather than have to waste time shifting through stuff like this.
Maybe they could do something when you’re posting a thread - MP can register similar threads to what you are posted and promp a “have you read these similar posts before starting this thread?”.


Or actually, even requiring a certain amount of “read time” before you can post?


Requirement: Be efficient in Google before MPSocial :joy:


The best skill today is to know how to search the Internet, I am convinced. :innocent:

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Great ideas guys! Whilst this may deter some people from the forum, it would probably improve its quality. Which could be good for sure.

I like auto dm part a lot, I think it should be mandatory to read the guidelines and rules before posting.

But tbh these kind of threads are gold for trolling

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I think we can close this now. Threads like this making using the search function a pain in the ass. We all have to value our time. When everyday topics like this are popping up and we search for an answer on a specific question we have, we spend 50% of our time reading threads where someone is simply asking on information about that topic. Not a good investment.

@med_akli Please be more specific with your questions and take in consideration writing them under an existing thread instead of opening a new one for it. That way everything is organized and forum stays readable.