How to get followers on instagram

Hi, i have a account for that i want to get real followers for my account like 800-1000 per month. What will be good way ? need suggestions

Have u seen this thread?


Do you use any automation tool or are you planning to on this journey? Or you are planning to do this manually?

Jarvee is recommended if you plan on using an automation tool. Use follow/unfollow method, mother/slave method, story viewer, etc to grow your account…

You can also get followers from paid shoutouts on big accounts that have great engagement.

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1k Followers per month is kinda easy.

Read through this forum, there are a lot of good guides and methods.

I forward this. With your followers count, I recommend automating your main account. Follow/unfollow and story viewer would give you the best ROI.

can you help me understand what is mother/slave method and story viewer?

For that kind of growth, anything will do.

How you go about it is dependent on your niche & how personally engaged you are with the account.

In either case, the method you choose should work to produce those results.

If you want to use automation software for that Jarvee is the most complete software there is, they’ve got the best support and the best team. It’s doing the job for me.