How to get Free 15$ Facebook Ad Coupon

These steps should be done on a PC

  1. First you need an old clean facebook account without any pages history.
  2. Create a new page with any name & category in that facebook id.
  3. Setup a profile picture, like the page and enable
    see first option.
  4. Post any random status in the page, click boost & choose U.S $ as currency and then in the next popup select country as united states and currency ad U.S $
  5. You will see select a payment method, don’t do anything just simply change & enter url to in the same tab.
  6. You will see the status in home page and below that you will see boost the post for xxx$ ( the amount which was default )
  7. Go to page and post a new random status & repeat step 4 & 5, so you will see step 6 for your second status.
  8. Again go to page, post a photo without any caption. And repeat step 4 & 5. And you will see the photo in step 6.
  9. Your done, repeat the step 4,5,6,7,8 in second day. And you will get 15$ ad coupon mostly in the next 2,3 days.
    *You will need to link a bank account/credit card to use the coupon, these can be easily generated using Entropay or similar card companies

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Pretty cool trick!

Didn’t know about this. There’s a similar one for Google Adwords but I can’t remember exactly how it worked. I think you needed to use a old clean email and check at

and they just decide if you’re eligible.

But if you do you get $100 free credit after spending $50. Not exactly completely free but still worth it if you’ve got a solid product/funnel!


Fan! Thank you for this!!


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Just an update, not sure if facebook lowered their free ad spend, but I recently attempted this and only recieved £5. Which is still better than nothing imo.

Thanks Bro its working i got $10 but i did not claim because i dont have credit card

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