[HOW TO]Get free SIM cards UK

So for folks that live in the UK, and for people who didn’t know this yet, you can get free 3mobile(probably other operators too) SIM cards online and use it for validating your IG,TW,FB accounts. If you go into the store, they tell you that you need to top up with 5pounds but in fact you dont. Just order it online and get it in your mail put it in your phone, wait for activation message and its done.

The other thing is that you can order several cards without issues and keep doing this over and over.

Most likely everyone knew this(as always turns out to be) but still just decided to share!


dont live in the uk, but this sounds fucking dreamy :open_mouth:

Nice share. To bad it’s limited to UK only, a lot of users could benefit from this. Free sim cards for everyone…man, that would be something :slight_smile:

bro thank you for this
but i’m sure that we can all benefit from this
please think to it
if the operator need an adress in uk we can rent one
if the operator need any paper prouve idendity we can photoshop them =D
so what did you think about that
you think it’s possible ?

do you know whats the expiration date on these sims?

Cmon, you’re ruining my business here :smiley:

Renting address will probably cost you more than just buying sim cards.

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I think getting the sims and ship it abroad is not the issue. The issue is activating it abroad, not sure that works, maybe you would have to activate in UK and then ship. The other potential problem is roaming. Soon or already, roaming within the EU will stop existing, which means all operators in europe will be part of the same jurisdiction so this could work if you are within the EU. No ID is required, just a name, can be fake and address.

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I don’t think there is one.

Sorry mate, didn’t mean to… didn’t realize you had something set up … and you are right, renting address costs more, but if you can find someone local, maybe pay a fee… I don’t know

Maybe a stupid idea but maybe you can rent a motel room and ask the the seller to send to the motel’s address. Still you need someone to be there to get it for you and ship it. On ebay you can find many dealers but all of them ship only to UK, maybe get in touch directly and ask, but by then the concept of free fades more and more, still, maybe cheaper than ordering in your home country … dunno

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An interesting share nonetheless :slight_smile: thanks @SkyggeLys

Have you tested it yourself? There usually is an expiration date which you prolong by topping up the sim. So if the card is usable for 30 days, there is no point in all this.

You can order 3 lycamobile sims in poland and netherlands for free. They have 1 year expiration date.

Ok well maybe you are right. I did test yesterday and I’m able to receive messages with no topups but as you say, if there is an expiration day then yes, its pointless unless you find a way to prolong the expiration date

Dont know how true this is but if true, then this method works, check the 3mobile section:

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Found this too:


so if it takes 6months to expire, then maybe you can change the number in your profile before it expires? If it works, basically you need to change the phone number in your account twice a year, still, 100% free is worth the time

6 months isn’t that bad =)

So if I live in USA and UK proxies, you think the sims will work on my USA mobile?

Not sure mate, it all depends on roaming settings. If you want to pay for shipping to US, I can send some over to you to test!