How to get high eg continiously?

Some posts are getting exposed a lot bjt others even if they are quality well choosen with good hashtags… have less reach i know it depends on lot of factors but i see some account right after a low eg on their post next one they start getting better engagement and it stays like that on every post they are not many especially now that reach i am startinh to see that it is becoming like facebook but i wanna know what s the most important thing that will make it becausr just one simple error of posting timing and it’s domino effect for future posts

And btw who’s better in reach and eg Instagram or Facebook ?


interested… it’s hard to breath

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i think your best bet is to experiment things and do things that you’ve never done , idk like post in diffrent times , before you post go engage with your fol or even do a story about it and make it a big deal ( like yo im going to post about a place that has a speciel place in my heart and would love to hear from you about it in the commznt section , be intent dont hide it , btw place can be product or service w.e)
network with pages like your size and do s4s its not a bad thing at all
may i knwo your niche ? you can shoot me a pm if you dont wanna reveal it here

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Testing what your followers like is key when it comes to eg. And building a relationship. Let them anteract with stories etc.

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Honestly the most important thing for high eg is to keep posting and don’t go inactive

If you’re rolling with good posts and getting engagement don’t stop.

Also I recommend to only post 1-2 times a day sometimes I find only 1 post a day does better than 2 posts with okay engagement