[How-To]Get Highest Post Reach With Smallest Amount of Groups

Hi guys. I am new in this forum and this is my very first topic I am creating here. I am sure many of you are already familiar with this method but it will also come in handy for many others.
I am in the Facebook marketing for some 3 years till now. I use it to promote my articles from my personal websites. I’ve tried many different approaches and some of them came up quite successful. I will share few of them.

Believe it or not Facebook uses human intelligence combined with artificial as for backup. They see all of the aspects of the whole process of posting the article. The nature/activity of the profile (How old it is, its action trough history e.t.c.)
What I realized is that if I be as more human as I can the more reach I get. So commenting on others posts, liking others posts, replying to my comments all of this is valued by them. So be human as much as you can and you will see the benefits.


I have few fb profiles that are members in some 400/500 groups more or less. At the beginning I was working my ass so I can manage to post in almost every single one during one day or two. It was hard to bypass all of the restrictions that Facebook did during this periods.

What I realized is I was wasting my time and credit form Facebook. It doesn’t mean that if a Facebook group has some 20 000 members that this group is productive/active. So you basically don’t need that group.

How I know if the group is active?

When I open a group in which I am already a member I check the first 10 posted articles. If they don’t have 2 or more likes or at least one comment on them I categorize this group as inactive. (I don’t leave the group but I isolate it for some time and occasionally monitor its activity).

This way I reduced the amount of these 400/500 groups to some 200. The reach stayed the same but I got extra time (to like, comment and reply) and less banns from Facebook.

I hope this method is already familiar to others but it will surely come in handy for many too. Take care.

Oh I’m in the Giveaway btw. :slight_smile:


Cool tips. Thanks for sharing. Yes, it’s pretty important to avoid these spammed to death and inactive groups and post to groups where someone will actually see your posts.

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Exactly, why wasting my time and credits from Facebook when I get zero activity on that particular group.

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Thanks for the info and about tracking there is an automated way to check witch group bring you traffic and iwtch not it’s posted on MP blog and i hope they post it here too or post the link to it

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Thank you for a very nice topic. It is indeed crucial to do this for the exact reasons you’ve mentioned, less wasted time and problems with Fb. Unfortunately most people want to do everything “now” and “automatic” and don’t understand that this would help tremendously :slight_smile:

Some things need to be done by a human, it’s just the way it is, this is definitely one of them, I’d suggest everyone doing group posting to do this before they start and every 2-3 months. You will see the difference.

there is something automatic, true, but it will require you to post in all the groups first and there’s still manual work involved, I’d suggest the method @cWii suggested at least when you first start with group posting.

as for the automatic method I think you’re referring to this

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Didn’t know that mass planner has this option too. I’ve never used mass planer before so forgive me for my lack of knowledge. Thanks for the info btw. :grinning:

No problem, we’re all here to learn and you method is perfect for everyone just starting

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