How to get in touch with an Instagram representative?


I intend on spending a budget of 145K USD (roughly 12K monthly) in the next year for a massive Instagram Ad campaign. Before I do so, I would love to be assigned a representative with who I can speak directly to put it in place safely and effectively.
Do you think this is achievable ? Any suggestions on how to go about it?

Thanks for your input.

He might be able to help :robot:

FB/Instagram will not assign a representative to you, hence why there are marketing agencies who manage campaigns for companies.

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if you have 145k for ads – why do you come to a small social marketing site? you would with that kind of budget have a ad agency working for you – something doesn’t seem right…


I don’t know about any marketing agency that could help me with the process, but if you can’t recommend one, I’d be happy to look into it.

I did not know this was a small social marketing site. As you can see I am new here. But I found the forum to be very helpful so I felt like asking for help and insight.

It matters a lot to me to be in touch with a rep as I’d like to ask for verification of the account that will run the add. It is being impersonated a lot and they still rejected the verification request made through the app. But if I am going to spend 145K of ads through the platform I’d like to have at lease the guarantee that they will verify my account to make it safe.

I know what you’re going to say. I am dreaming. But when you dont dream you dont act, when you dont act you dont get, so I have nothing to lose to ask.