How to get Instagram account deleted?

Hey guys,
so a friend of mine contacted me knowing that I do Instagram (social media) for a living

a guy she used to date decided to create an account and post her private pictures. She would like this account to be disabled ASAP.

Ive reported the account bunch of times, yet instagram says that the content DOES NOT violate the terms. Weird but hey.

Anything more that could be done? Police, sure but that would takes forever given the system in our country

Kind regards

the account has 0 followers and 5 following, zero to none activity

That’s really weird situation. I don’t know if there’s much to be done ‘white hat’ besides police, if Instagram says it does not violate their terms.

Maybe black hat though…

which is bullsiht, way too much skin can be seen on those pics…

File a police report and send it to the account? I’ve always had luck with impersonations like this. Account immediately gone empty


Don’t know what options you chose, but I think there’s an account report choice for someone posting private pictures of you? Not sure what the exact option is, but did you try that one?

It’s not an individual post/content report, but harassment/illegal activity relating to “you,” so it has to be done from her page most likely.

Although to be completely honest, I’ve never had luck with reporting pages. Had someone do a full copy of all my content, cloned my page with a different name and posted all my photos. Reported it, posted a story asking others to report it, page still exists to this day… 2 years later, posing as me.


Let her report from her own personal account as It’s pretending to be someone else. Than ME. The other account will be submitted with a few questions to prove that the account is real. Not sure what exactly, but if the other account cant proves it then it will be blocked or deleted. Do this a few times from her personal account. What you can do is a report with SOMEONE I KNOW. and follow procedure. Things like this can be procedural for a long time so have patience.

Good luck

At least she will learn lesson now and she won’t be sending nudes anymore to anyone lol

Brother I have had this situation. It is not enough by you doing it. She has to ask her network to report it all together. A bunch of people connected to her actual profile reporting a fake profile, will rise a flag.
Tell her to keep reporting it from her own profile. And she should keep doing it like 40 times a day telling in the report that the account is pretending to be her. It is very easy to do and not time consuming.
She will be asked in the inquiry if this profile is pretending to be someone she knows or her. She just keeps reporting it as her. And she should make sure that she has pictures on her own profile of herself verifying that she is who she claims. If her network and herself keep reporting it, it will be taken down. I have done this several times and it worked within 48 hours.

I can imagen how bad that is. Sometimes some guys are really a disgrace truely. Take a no and move on.

I hope he gets busted.

yeah i told her the same :smiley: but you get my point, trying to help )

damn for fucks sake thats bad

what surprised me the most is when we reported it multiple times incl. from my slave accounts

that IG “reviewed” the content/profile and said it wasnt violating ToS of IG even though there are full on her boobs, crazy world

Post ig username here, we ll report and we ll take a view, sounds great, huh.

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Hit the police station and get authorities involved. Account will be closed very fast, trust me on this.

Buy the account 100,000 followers and watch it burn lol

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said no one ever