[How to get ]Instagram Insights?

Well, i have some accounts which has this future and some of them doesn’t
I have not switched any of mine accounts to the business profile

So any ideas how to get it ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Since when you have this? There was some issues today with IG…
Maybe new update.

At least for a year) Its not just has happened today
Also all my accounts linked to the Facebook profiles - maybe its important (not sure)

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I have those insights on a couple of my accounts. I never switched to business profile also…none are linked to facebook

You get insights when you switch to a business profile, but your engagement will drop

not true,different for each account. I went to business on one account and it did not drop…went back to regular cause got tired of ad crap

Nope) Because

What do you mean?

I have 4 such accounts with insights that are not business profile …I don’t know how I got them as they did not have them when created
Each over 2 years old

What stats can be viewed here?