How to get leads using Instagram

This is the biggest marketing community I know, with the best value and with the best creative big brainers :slight_smile:
So i thought i might ask you this:
How can i get leads to real estate agents/wedding planners etc, using Instagram and Facebook?

From what i saw, you always have to put your face in order to get trust and get ppl to land on your page.
Are there any other ways to do it?
I wanna play the middle man here, so Iā€™m really want to find a solution to this

Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!
thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

You can use a business page instead of a personal profile to promote your listings. Hire someone on fiverr to create a professional-looking logo, header, profile picture, and post templates if necessary for your business pages. In case you need a fake person picture, you can get it from

Hilarious website

This strategy really work though?
Do you know this for a fact?