How to get lot of members to my own Telegram Engagement Group

Hi guys,

I am trying to make very first telegram engagement group in my country. Until today I didnt find any and I really like to be the first one who will manage the first one!
But I need to get all those people from my country to the group. Is any recommendation how to grow it fastly? Btw I need just people from my country, not foreigners.

I am trying to promote it by Instagram account and informations about it. But if i need really working engagement group with steady posts I need looooot of members in group…

Thanks for all answers

There’s some workarounds to scrape and add members of other Telegram groups to yours.

The biggest issue here is that for adding members it’s limited to 200 usernames per account (as API says).

Your best bet for this would be to find many people from your country and contact them either via DM or email. Explain them the reason for contacting and how this will benefit them.

scrape users from your country on instagram
add your telegram link on your instagram accounts bio’s
Start follow those scraped users


Creat instagram account for your telegram group and start contact micro influencers from your country


Simplest and most effective way is using Facebook targeting with creos that include your main trigger.
This way is most preferable because you can target audience thay you exactly need (country, interests, age, etc.) by choosing TA in FB cabinet. But do not forget to use some telegram mention in your creos and CTA (should increase your CR%)

Second way - try to make some Ad on biggest English telegram channels\groups (related to your theme) with triggers on your country. Smth like “Hey! We established First Mexican Engagement Group!Join us and grow your IG fast. Only for locals!” High chance that your locals engaged in eng groups if there are no groups of your country.
This way will be much expencive than first one but can be useful too.

Good Luck!

How can you be sure that no group already exists? Why not send a private message directly to people?