How To Get My First Facebook Ads Client?

Would someone be able to teach me how to do this?

By running Facebook ads towards people that might be interested in your service


Hey dude send me a message. Trying to do this stuff myself. Would love to exchange some ideas

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Hi Cudi

Congratulations on starting your journey. Let me tell you, it is a tough one. You are working in industry where everyone is an expert after doing a course, it is becoming or is a saturated market which is both good as it can be seen as an opportunity and bad as businesses are either becoming hesitant or think badly about the industry.

A lot of courses will flaunt about how you can get your first client within the week and all this hyper sales tactic ( GET 6 FIGURES IN 6 MONTHS and shenanigans). But what I would tell you, is to focus on experience and confidence.

Start by asking your mates/ or businesses you already use/ know and offer them free trial and get feedback. Get confident by doing it and start a low price if you need to. There is no rush, slow and steady will win you the race. This is not a quick rich scheme journey, the fact that too many people are doing it and knows about it makes it even harder.

Good luck!
Persistence is the key


Make a proposal that they can’t refuse. Make sure to include the competitors’ prices (yours should be cheaper). Approach a friend who owns a local business and offer him your services at a lower price. Some people even make it free for first few customers, as an investment; hoping they will recommend the services to other local businesses.

Like mentioned by @intdirjp, Facebook ads will be good (targeting companies or restaurants, and making it even more specific by only charging the executives of the marketing side, for example). You can get creative with how you set your ad up.

But I got to say, I’m in Japan and face to face is very very important, so nothing substitute the good old method of going to talk with the people you want to sell your services. Maybe that local restaurant you always go to? Show him what you have been doing online, and tell him you want to help his/her restaurant grow since you are passionate about them.

In summary do Facebook ads, but don’t forget to use offline methods as well and tap into your existent network.


I got my first Facebook ads clients through UpWork.

I used to run a dropshipping store so I basically thought I could sell anything online. I’m 100% sure that my overconfidence was the only reason I got my first 2 clients because I promised them the world. (Although I did mention that I used to sell in a different industry so I can’t promise any numbers)

Needless to say, I didn’t get them the results I thought I would but I did get them a nice ROAS after a while of working with them and they seemed happy with that.

Even if you’re selling a free trial, make sure you are confident that you are able to bring them some kind of return. Might be a bit of a ‘black-hat, deceptive’ tactic but the truth is, no one is going to buy anything from you unless you believe in your own abilities first.

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Thank you so much for this advice.

The thing I don’t understand with Facebook ads is, how many ads do I run for them?

For Instagram growth, if you will, it’s simple. Run the service and get them real followers which comes with engagement on its own. Give them a range on how Many followers they should expect and sign Them on.

With Facebook ads would I have to go over the products they sell and give them an expected amount of products that will be sold with our ads?

So this is how I think of it. Clients sure want likes and engagement, but what they actually want is sales. Your job is to get them more exposure, or word of mouth online. On Instagram, like you said you just go after more followers.

Facebook, sure doesn’t hurt to increase followers, but from my perspective, results from FB are very based on ad campaigns. If you use canvas, or any other tool that does this (even using Keynote you could), you can create some coupons offering a discount for a product, or make certain giveaways and get people’s emails to later do email marketing (that usually converts well if you know how to target your advertising).

By doing these campaigns with vouchers, for example, you will know who bought your client’s products specifically through the ad you created, and your client will be happy to see the ads you are doing are converting well.

If you haven’t done so I’d say discuss with your client a budget for making ads on FB. One thing I heard before is let’s say your budget will be $300. Instead of making an ad run for 3 days ($100/day), make it for 30 days running at $10 bucks a day. Facebook rather keep you paying than pay and leave. Not sure how valid that info is, but something I heard before.

So once again, the main point is the sale. If you know other methods to sell on Facebook feel free to implement as well. Not an expert like a lot of people on the forum, but I wanted to share my two bits.