How to get my story first in people's story feed?

How can I get my story first in the algorithm on peoples story feed? Or even second, third or fourth?

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I’m not sure there is a definite way of actually getting first on peoples feed. My only suggestion would be to post when your followers are most active and IG will display it in chronological order.

I.E- The more often and consistent you post to your story, the more your profile will be shown in the most recent list of stories for your followers. Think of it like your story being ranked like posts are ranked in hashtags. Except you’re competing against everyone else that your follower is following. So of course the person who posts to their story 8-10 times throughout the day is going to be seen more by the follower than the person who posted once in the early morning.

Don’t spam your feed up though, just like with anything, it is all about hitting the most effective times for engagement. :thumbsup:


My maaaaan! Thanks for this great information!!!


You are very welcome buddy :slight_smile:

I get 1,200 impressions for the first story with 35K Followers.
I get 800 impressions for the first story with 15K followers.
Provided: I post 10x a day with interval timing.
(I am not sure if this is good)

If I post 10 stories at once… impressions are bad AF. So try to post at different times.


Good strategy and good results. Thanks for sharing

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Well said @Jay3 :slight_smile:

What are your time intervals? Every 30 mins? Every hour?

WOW I’m get only 100 impressions for a instagram of 106K Please let me know what’s wrong?

story feed is same as posts for your followers. if they like many of your posts and are active, they see it on top or first. notice that one account you liked always for some reason shows up first it seems on feed and story posts? that’s how. if they rarely see your posts - lack of engagement with you - your story will be way in the back somewhere.


Being active on the story it sure is rewarding for your page. :slight_smile:

great information. I only recently just started using stories and noticed that i get more likes this way

Want to know what the equivalent of likes on a post is to a story? Screenshots.

The story is definitely a way to go. Something that works for me is posting a “daily” thing, which gets them coming back to watch the story. The more engaged your followers are with your regular posts, the more they will see your stories.

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great info here! Thanks guys