How to get organic likes on posts?

Guys, how to get big organic growth in likes and followers from content and hashtag only, without follow/unfollow? Tnx!

Top notch content and hastags. But its not easy…

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You can try engagement groups for the initial push when you post something. If the likes are good enough (i.e. related/same niche and medim to big acounts) you have a chance of making it to the top 9 posts within the hashtags you used

Also as @dma0245 said content should be top notch and you should really invest time in your hashtag research.

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I’ve done research of the hashtags and content, same result, even if i post in specific times, no engagement from Instagram community. I realize that my followers are not active, but what is wrong with the community which comes through hashtags and locations and content? :confused:

All evidence you provide leads to one conclusion. You need better content unless your shadowed


Be nice, add value to posts - make them useful, fun or entertaining and show good pics
Most important is probably the emotional part. Always think how to create positive emotions = Sure Like!

Engage with other users in your niche by liking and commenting on their posts. Post good content and use low competitive hashtags

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your question is self-limited and (answered yourself) when you say “from content and hashtag only” as those 2 are the only options youre focusing on…

Also, watch this:

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My few cents to this topic:

  1. Provided by @tripleyourtribe video is about growing online presence 10 years ago :wink: Now it’s milion times harder to grow. Every time I see those type of videos I just laugh… :wink: And not everyone who did what Gary did got the same popularity so it’s all about hard work and much more about luck. All people who are popular right now just go with the flow and wouldn’t be able to get the same results starting from scratch with different name and look :wink:

  2. Instagram (and Facebook) are the worst things that could happen to humanity :wink: Fake accounts, bots, people trying to do the same as we do :wink: No value, small screen, poor quality content, worst quality of images ever and IG is a site for photos/videos… seriously? lol. IG is even much worst than FB :wink: If you want to grow you just have to use those automated tools.

  3. IG and Facebook are popular only because they won the war - someone had to :slight_smile: And because now they are the biggest - everybody is interested in them thus growing is hard :frowning:

  4. If you count actual real accounts of users who interact with IG on daily basis and not trying to sell you their “sh*t” :wink: how many would that be? 3-5% of all accounts :wink: So growing organically? nope :frowning:

  5. Great content doesn’t exist and even if it does - will be pushed down on IG feed within seconds. You can see examples of viral content everyone - it’s viral because of luck and not because it’s great :wink: If you know real great content that can get you grow faster please let me know :slight_smile: )

  6. Low popular hastags are only used by people trying to get more followers like we do :wink: With my only 20 posts I dominated some of those low popular hastags and got nothing in return :wink:

  7. And if growing IG account would be still easy - people wouldn’t need to create hundred’s of accounts like they share here on forum and this forum wouldn’t exist :wink:

  8. With that in mind - is it possible to grow organically in 2019? If u spend 10 hours a day… 7 days a week and few years for that than… “just maybe” :wink: If you are not already an influencer/celebrity/big known company that would be a grind. To say simply - it’s much easier with bots and you can get a real job so u can pay for those :wink:


Organic growth is very alive just smaller than before. That’s the reality.
Growth today needs promotion by others to be in the numbers we want to grow.
We can own those promotional accounts (m/s, s4s) or with others s4s. Paid ads via the platform sucks.
If you want to grow organic well it’s still there for the taking but a bitch.


Hashtags have been working for me. It depends on the ones you choose. Also, I noticed that it also depends on the type of account you choose to make

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I think that the only way to get more organic likes, is to get them from right hashtags. You can do a search and get only the ones where your account actual likes can qualify to get in the top.