How to get posts into Explore?

Hey there !
Im curious on how you guys get your posts into explore.
My picture-posts never get on the explore page but often rank on hashtags (up to 80 000 Reach sometimes). If I post videos the dont really rank on hashtags but get about 500-1000 impressions from the explore page ! What could I do to get my picture post on explore ? Im in the travel niche if thats relevent .

Looking forward to some answers ! :slight_smile:


To get onto the explore page you just need a ton of authentic engagement (likes, comments, saves, views) as fast as possible. Real power likes (likes from big accounts) can also help to boost your post into explore.


This right here. Organic engagement is soo important. This is why growing slower but focusing on getting a high quality following is so important. You may have 50k followers but if you only get 500 likes IG is gonna be like “Naw this is bad content, let’s not spread it”. Whereas if the same user had focused on fewer but more gngaged followers they could be getting 3k likes at 30k followers and IG would be like “hell yah this is good stuff”

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High engagement right after posting is definetly going to help you, so quality powerlikes might help you, keep in mind that in order to stay on the explore page, the actual content has to be very viral-material and just very high quality, explore won’t do anything for you otherwise
It’s not only about getting to explore, it’s also about staying there!
Keep that in mind :wink:

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Yeah, good points from the members above, you need good engagement right after you post and to keep your position on the explore page you need great viral type content.