How to get real estate leads

I wanna know how can i get leads for real estate agents in the US.
Is there Someone here with an experience that feel like sharing his/het strategy?

Thanks in advance:)

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Not sure about IG, but I think the best way for getting leads in a particular industry such as real estate is to target them via Linkedin because you can target users more precisely there.


The people I know who do this use FB ads.

If the leads for real estate agents must be from consumers use FB ads, so target home sellers and buyers. Maybe, if you are targeting companies you can use Linkedin.


Can you target home sellers?

How can i target home sellers? :slight_smile:

I would do this through Linkedin definitely. Any decent real estate agent now will have a Linkedin Profile. You have many different tools in Jarvee that can help you to reach them. If you just want to scrape them, you have the Profile Scraper tool in Jarvee.

But how do i get home sellers leads?

You mean users included in real estates?

I mean i wanna get leads of home sellers and sell those leada ro real estate agents

I am not aware of any method that would allow you to find those kind of leads automatically. Prolly just manually by random browsing.

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what you can do is scrape users, different users, using filters for real estate agents, here is what you can do/filter using Jarvee

I can’t understand :pensive:
Hoa can it helps me get home sellers leads?

Sorry to hijack!

But have a similar issue.

Im trying to find leads for PT studios, Yoga studios, pilates etc. Is their a way I can find instagram pages to scrape?

Or should I try something else like linked in?

I know FB ads is probably the most targeted but its hit and miss for me.

you can use keywords related to the real estate stuff and filters as well then try to scrape profiles related to that and then contact them via contact tool or the connector tool.

you can use the follow tool on Jarvee but not to follow just scrape users according to the keywords that you are interested in and filters that you want then DM those users or do what you need to do.

Run “sell your house” type ads to individuals on Facebook and/or engage with users that follow real estate companies, realtors, etc. Before doing any of this, however, make sure you’ve got your lead generation backend set up (email service, etc.)

Facebook groups are goldmines, give it a try you wont regret it trust me :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you explain more about this strategy?

You mean landing page with a lead magnet?

Yes. You need to give people a reason to give you their email. Also, the reason needs to match what the realtor you will be selling the leads to will do. Maybe a lead magnet call-to-action along the lines of:

Want to Sell Your House? We’ll Match You With the Perfect Realtor!