How to get replies from competitors in dm?

repost is good, but in some niche there is no choice best is to mix them up with unique content, so i want someone in my niches that create content and i manage to grow accoount (schedulposts,choose right hashtags,caption,give ideas about content…)

its like clientmangement but want it more as partnership rather than a service,problem is that many dnt check their dm’s for whatever reason so how to make it more effective to let them see my message ,i mean its good to hire designers/editors but its moreeffective when its aperson that know the niche well

also do i tell them i help you grow your own account and when there is enough trust we can do our own one from scratch whats the best way to go for it ?

I’m not really sure what kind of help you are asking. Are you trying to offer some service to your competitors? Please try to use more simple way to explain your situation, maybe you will get help faster :slight_smile:

are you trying to find a “friend” that you can work with on account growth and content creation?

If your competitor’s account is not that big, I think you can leave a comment and mention them to check their DM or if it’s a business profile, you can use ther phone number/email to reach them.

Yeah, unfortunately, I haven’t understood your goal as well. Try to give us some more details about it.

no i want reach out comeptitor that create ‘unique content’ , i take care of growing acount and them the content like a jointventure

So you are asking if somebody is interested to do business together with you, they would create unique content and you would do actions that would help growing accounts?

yes but i dont ask if someone interested here lol ,if you read thread well,i said what are ways to easily reach out competitors and make them see my dm to get interested

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oh ok i guess this what i will try , reach small accs (5k-20k followers max)since they dont have that much dm’s i guess + they arent already established so there will surely be much bigger chance that they accept rather than big accounts