How to get slave acounts to do mass DMs?

I’ve tried a few different services for automation of slave accounts etc, using proxies, but accounts now seem to be lasting literally just one day.

Accounts I buy are always 1+ year old. Log in fine with an email verification, but then one day later seems to be PV blocked. Even if I then SMS verify, it gives me the 24 hour appeal popup.

Pretty much making my accounts die in one day

Seeking some advice on how I can get slave accounts doing DMs daily.

Thank you

type of proxies?

How many dms u send in a day?
Are u using jarvee only or any other Russian tool

most likely an IP issue, you will have to use very good proxies 4G and residentials are the best and if you can give us more details about the number of actions that you do per day on DM’s and the other actions as well we might be able to help.

you need to understand that mass DM is spam and by that you need to accept that accounts will die eventually… the key is to get as many of them as possible per day… its a churn and burn method


I was using a different service, will try Jarvee, and update here if its better

We need more info to give useful advice…
Were you able to send DM’s if accounts die after 1 day?

Making accounts yourself now is not easy. And I noticed that old accounts you can buy, or old accounts I still have but were not logged in for a long time are problematic.
It seems to me that old accounts that were made quickly and not active for a long time are a red flag for Instagram. Especially if you try to activate them on datacentre proxies.

And there are different ways you can use slave accounts sending DM’s. If you use follow/unfollow and only send DM’s to new followers your accounts can last a very long time. But if you send DM’s to non followers Instagram will ban your accounts quickly.

Question about mass DM. How does that affect the main page, that you are directing traffic to?

as simple as directing them from the message to your main

Does it affect your main page, since all the DMs have your username in them.

if it doesn’t then no one would do mass DMs

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How exactly are you directing users to your Main, like some sort of a commercial or?

message message bla.bla bla

you would also be interested in checking this account as well


Hey guys,

Wondering if any of you could point me in the right direction. I just had a custom coded tool made for mass dms and is working great on a trial proxy but I of course would like to scale to 100+ accounts sending DMs. What is the best/cheapest proxy provider you would recommend? Right now it is looking pretty costly

The only answer for that would be to test them out yourself !

What will work for him/her/them, might not work for you. We all have very different setups, you should just get as many trials as you can and keep the best out there :slight_smile:

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