How to get US groups

It is a newbie question I know, but how can I get US-based facebook groups, I tried states and town names in groups names search
but I didn’t get a high quality list

Any better Idea?

Depends what you’re looking for. For example, if you search for food/recipes related groups and add states so you get alabama recipes or Texas food recipes, you’ll find a lot of groups.

Groups for some niches can be found this way, but for some they can’t. It’s all about niche.

Thanks Adnan so much for your reply
I have two niches, Jobs and entertainment (funny Videos)

Funny videos will be hard to find, I mean, nobody names their groups Funny Videos Chicago, but if you search for Chicago fun, you will get some results. Those probably won’t be big groups but at least you’ll get something. You can try with synonyms for fun or humor.

Regarding jobs, that should be easier. Search for “Jobs in Chicago” or “Jobs in New York”, you get the point, and you’ll find a lot of big groups, however, it’s your job to filter bad ones :slight_smile: