How to get your power like?

What methods do you use to have many likes in the first 30/60 minutes?

Cocme Fuelgram services?
Exchange groups in Telegram?
Like exchanges between your profiles? (you should have hundreds …)
The Like Exchange of MP? (now I’m using this)

Which strategies do you use? which brings you more results?


I wouldn’t recommend any exchange groups if you want to use the same account as giver and receiver… For that I’d recommend having a giver account you don’t care that much about.
I honestly prefer the paid powerlikes, u just need good ones :slight_smile:

mmm do not recommend exchanges like with groups …

where do you buy like good?

I use the goso ones, work great imo, but never forget you need good content and hashtags!

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the choice of hashtags is very important, fundamental! :blush:

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Making friends is a good option. Look for people in your same niche and ask them to exchange powerlikes.

If you have not a strong account to make the exchange then you will have to pay for it :ok_hand:t2:

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My approach is creating quality content, making the most out of hashtags, regular engagement with the community and last, but not the least, Fuelgram. Simply the best powerlike service (real, powerful, niche-related IG profiles).

Do you use Fuelgram and do automation at the same time?

best fulgram of goso?

I’ve tried both and Fuelgram is far more efficient.

best advice i can give u is to avoid those tools and spend more time on the platform communicating with communities and similar accounts… U will need more time but its way safer and u will be able to create a stronger group of likers/followers/commenters!

I usually send dms (manually) to ask people or communities in target with my account to like some of my posts or to even repost one of them…they usually ask for the same actions or a little money check

Strange to hear that. I’ve used Fuelgram for nearly a year now and had to stop. The last Instagram update really done a number on them. My account was shadowbanned too after using Fuelgram and 2 days later my account was banned. It seems they just like with my account at all hours of the day.

I’ve contacted Fuelgram about my account getting banned for using them. I was instantly banned from their Telegram group. Had quite a few PM’s from users saying they have been detected by Instagram because of the proxies they use.

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Really? I’m still using Fuelgram and have no issues whatsoever.

I’m sorry to hear this, I hope you get to recover your account somehow.