How to got my account back while ig account was steal?

Hi bro.

i have a very import ig account, but last week was steal.

i can’t login in ig, i guess my ig account was steal yet, a hacker find me ask to send Bitcoin for he and give me ig password.

I send many email to instagram support email, but there are no response me now.

any help is welcome.

thanks in advance.

did he change the account phone number and email? do you still have access to your email and the phone number is still the same? if the hacker did not change any of those information you can reset the account password and get it back.

Usualy the first thing a hacker does is change email.
Look for emails from instagram saying your password/email changed and click “Revert changes”.
If that doesn’t work,you have to report your account as hacked.
Follow the IG steps from withing the app,i think you can only report it if its US base account.
There is no real way to contact IG

Try to follow these insturciotn from IG, see if it will be of any help:

thanks very much.

i try many times by APP , by ‘remember password’, and finally i got my ig account.

thanks God.


Great, I’m glad to hear that! :smiley: