How to grab traffic to website?

Hi there,

I run 30 IG account, and have 120k fans, but i only get 50-60 IP per day from instagram to my website.
And i run the 30 accounts since in Sep. 2017, total half of a year now. I think it is failed.

Can some one give me some suggestion? Where to find a guildline or tips to read? Thanks.

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Is on every IG account a Link in the bio to your Website? Are all linking to the same Website?

There are a lot of factors to check why you are getting these results. Can you tell me if the website and instagram accounts you have are related? Also, are you using CTA in your bios to enticed your followers to click the link?


Yes, every account link in the bio and to our website. 30 account links to 2 same websites, is there any problem on this?

Can you tell me what the factors result in getting this result except the CTA? We did the CTA, but maybe didn’t well. I will check and modify again. Thanks.

I think you have alot fake follower.

How to find and delete the fake followers?

what do people get at the website? IG wants people to stay on IG as much as possible. So it must be enticing enough for people to leave the platform.

Selling something or a blog?

Don’t buy fake followers in the future! You can delete it with mobile apps like Cleaner for Instagram - > Block unaktiv Followers > Followers whitout profil picture or the simplest way Block all you are not Following.

selling something on IG/

ok, i have 30 IG account, if i only link to two sites, is it good? how many site to link is better?

show the product in action,
show how ppl are using it,
show who should use it and why…
with a call to action to click ur link in bio or swipe up.

Be part of the community in your market. Give tips around it. Misconceptions. Ask questions. Getting more involved that way will lead to more clicks and engagement.


Typically instagram can link your accounts using the same link, but that’s my experience when I did CPA. You can try to cloak your links.

Is the content strong and relative? the quality of the content is very important.

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I think first you need to find out your targeted audience. Once to able to reach targeted audience your website will get quality clicks and make the conversion.


How to remove the fake followers? yes, i think so.

u need a much bigger audience and more reach with profile visits

You can use the Block followers tool in Jarvee. There’s an option to remove followers if you prefer removing them.

these are filters you can set:

Thank you.@ossi

you can use the same tool but after scraping users that you want to block in case you want to block specific users