How to grow a 26k original comic account on Instagram?

Hi there,

I’m Rebecca, a hobbist comic artist - I have an Instagram account with 26k followers and ~15% engagement rate which I’d like to grow to around 50-80k

I already spent like $1-2k+ on advertising and shoutouts, but seems like its an expensive and inefficient way to grow - found this forum, where I first heard that powerlikes and DM engagements are things, and a lots of other useful info - thank you all for that!

Basically in the past several weeks I tried to figure out how to go viral and get a strong following to my account, so I went to Upwork, tried to find a viral marketer, but no luck there, only managers and ghost follower sellers… :confused:

My basic idea was that I’d find 5-6 huge pages and try to make a shoutout deal with them, and each of them would post my stuff with a day difference, and maybe that would cause some kind of viral chain? Anyways, found out that it would cost thousands, which would be quite a high risk experiment, huh? :smiley:

My question is, which way do you think would be the most efficient way to grow my Insta page? Obviously I am ready to invest a little, but since I’m a student, I don’t have that high budget.



I would tell you to engage with your followers post like all your followers that like your content go to their page and like their content and even go to the ones who don’t like your content and like their content. This will get your followers engaging with you and cause you to get on the explore page once there if your content is good you will grow and maybe even go viral. You don’t need power likes or engagement groups to go viral you only need your followers to engage with your account community is key on Instagram and the more your followers engage the better the Instagram algorithm will help you


Have you taken a look at Jarvee yet?

You can setup fan accounts for your main account.


the Art niche is quite hard, but the principles still stand;

  1. Content is (and always will be) king; no matter how many techniques or tools you try and use, if your content isn’t good, then it’ll all be to no avail.
  2. Focus on shoutouts from big art pages, there are tons of them. I’m talking 500k+.
    Another thing to mention is that just because you buy a shoutout, doesn’t guarantee results. You need to get shotouts from pages who post similar content to you, have good engagement, and are overall within the same niche as you. Their audiences will be more receptive to your account.
  3. Post consistently; uploading a pic once a week just isn’t going to cut it. You gotta be posting once every few days at least. I know that when you’re an artist, it’s difficult to crank out finished pieces every single day. So just try and be diligent, that’s all.
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Look for “instagram hackers” groups on fb,post the same question there too.
A lot of people growing cartoon niche accounts with very good succes.
No automation,they used DM groups to do it.
Get in contact with people there.
I don’t advise using automation on an account that you never used,it will go to waste.
Try connecting with other pages,try to enter DM groups.

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Would recommend @MojoJojo hashtag services to get most amount of exposure as possible


Thanks so much for the tips guys!! I will definitely go through them, try and report back! :slight_smile:

I read here that I should consider killing the hashtags, but sometimes I get 50k (out of 100k total) impressions from hashtags and I’m wondering, is it possible to get this amount of impression from Explore page considering these numbers? I think I could only manage 1-2 powerlikes/comments if I ask and probably pay for bigger comic artists.

I appreciate your time and all of the advices again!