How to grow a Youtube channel?

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I have a client who wants YT subscribers but there is no big budget to buy anything or advertise. How can I help him grow his YouTube Channel? Is there a manual method like there is one for Instagram?

Any advice could be beneficial.

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The first place I would start would be telling your client that there’s no way to guarantee that they will gain “x” amount of subscribers in “x” amount of time. There is no way to guarantee a specific result when real people are involved- you can’t physically go to people’s houses and make them click the subscribe button.


Check this thread,

Some good advises there…


Thank you for the help guys! I really appreciate it!

I think social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to boost your YT views. So try to promote your channel via Facebook or Instagram, for example. Moreover, you can use messengers like Telegram, Viber etc. Anyway, omnichannel strategy is the main trend of 2020.

Does your client have a website? In this case you can also promote YT channel via email campaigns, SMS and web pushes. This kind of advertising is not very expensive and can bring great results.

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Yes they have a website and this is actually a great idea! Thank you!

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The manual way is by pushing out content & videos every day. I’ve been successful in that I also started a FB group which I use to boost every single one of my youtube videos which helps me rank in search too!

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