Anyone here is using JARVEE for Youtube?

Hey guys!
how are you?
is there anyone here who is using Jarvee for Youtube?
I tried that with the follow/unfollow/likes and comments but didn’t saw something crazy…
what’s your thoughts?: )


Hey there,
Could you give us more info, what exactly were you doing?

I mean what kind of strategy you applied? Youtube isn’t really like IG, you won’t get followback rate like there.


Hey Adnan thank you for your response :slight_smile:
my startgy is to subscribe to channels of people who are expert with IG,
follow their subscribes and comments on their post to get them checking my youtube chanel and subscribe and watch my videos as well, you right maybe it’s not the right way,
what do you think can be a good startgy for youtube?


Yes we do and it works great we gain Day by Day like 5-10 new subscriber. On YT Analytics we have now close 100 Follow in the last 28 Days. And the Views are also amazing.

But the must follower dont came form JV the came from good quality videos. :slight_smile:

We also are Managing a customer account with just commercial videos and the can just 1-3 new Follower.

It depends on the Chanel the quality of the videos and the Thumbnails and also the Tags 75% cames form the Youtube search.


Nice stats.
What tools do you use and how? Maybe you could help community a lil’ bit :slight_smile:

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We just spent a lot of time creating amazing videos with amazing sound that’s all :slight_smile:
JV just help us to get a little bit more Comments and Likes and with every Comment and every Like our videos get more and more relevant for YouTube and YouTube place our videos under the top 10 videos in the category.

We make like 200-300 follow / Day and did a long Research time for the best Videos.

*So the must important ist to not start with high settings. Its like in IG. Start with the preset settings by JV and Increase it step by step.
*Check 10 times your sources and search all time for the top 3 Videos in the/your Categorie. But also check the comments. Many big YT Accounts have Fake Comments. So look for top 3 Videos in your category with real Comments and real Audience. I know its a hard and we do manual research.
*Invest in good content. No one like bulshit Videos.
*Invest in good Thumbnails !!!
*Answer all Comments instantly, better manually not with JV.
*Keywordreseach on your Videos like SEO
*give your audience a reason to make a comment or minimum Like. Also dislike is good for the algorithm (But not so many).
*More information via PM


The biggest benefits will be seen through comments. The route you take it up to you.

Personally, I’ve been thinking about using 10 YouTube accounts on proxies to watch, like, and comment on my main channel videos to provide a nice initial boost.

You can also leave comments on other videos, but this will need to be warmed up and limits will need to be tested.


Thank you very much for your tips!

I do SEO for the videos and also use your great tips. thanks again :slight_smile:

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I know your YT Channel. :wink: and I was thinking long time if I will share with you my knolegte because you use it to make money and you share your knowledge to 10% to your audience and for the 100% some people said the have to pay a lot of money. You knowledge share is nice if someone its absolutely new and have 0 knowledge but the will never have success :slight_smile:

And nice that you start also with one more important thing share your Channel URL in other places like this post. Nice strategy to use this form to promote the own YouTube channel :smiley:

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I edit my post and remove the url, that was not the purpose.
for my videos- I get many feedbacks from people that telling me my videos did help them and they have a success,
why all of this negative vibes ?I did something wrong for you? did I hurt you?
will back to the VIP, every time I’m posting here something I regart about that,
try to make also a Youtube channel for Jarvee, let me know how it works
all the best for you

I’d follow any advice from @Smylie on growing YouTube accounts. You’ll find some good nuggets from him on this forum.


Thanks for the recommendation, Leon.

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It’s ok to post embedded video if it’s related to topic, but link to channel is something else :slight_smile: avoid that please.

@Sephiroth , thanks for sharing your strategy.

Stay safe,

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Sorry I dont want to offend you or have negative vibes. English is not my main lenguage and its hard to explain complex topics. I just notice that many user need deeper help. If the dont know all the have on long terms problems with the account and someone are losing old hard grow accounts. And that is sad.

And I miss in all your Post where you want to teach people the most important 3 points that JV works well with the API call. But that’s ok I hope you share it on your VIP channel. :slight_smile: I wish you many success and all the best for the future.

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You are welcome. I love this form and it helps, but the best think is to test all time own strategies and think over the box. If everyone just copy strategy that will never end good. :slight_smile: FB, Instagram and Co are to smart to not check that many accounts runs on the same why. :slight_smile:


That’s why there are settings in automation tools, to make actions more random…
Of course, every method lasts longer if you add your own twists to it and hopefully, that’s what member who read yours will do.

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I understand thank you, I do share my methods and on my last Youtube video I did show my settings and even publis a google docs with all the sultions I found for the blocks, for FREE :slight_smile:
You can also see my in the FB group how I answer peoples questions on a daily base and that is for FREE.

for people who needs more help of course I charge payment and yes you can not get everything for free, for example if I want to learn from you how to be better in Youtube I can pay you and get better VALUE.

This is business my friend, I recommand you to read books that explain better about that and how to build your funnels like dotcom secrets it’s a great book and also the second of Russell.

all the best

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I would recommend you to open sales thread in #public-marketplace then, 1 on 1 coaching, consulting services for Jarvee or whatever, something like that.


Thank you @Adnan! will do that :slight_smile:

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I have used that. The best way to use jarvee for youtube is that you used this for adult channel (to comment in others video.)