How to grow account and Engagement without F/U Method or Mother/Slave?

Hi guys! I want to increase my engagement and following without using F/U (already got follow ban and it gets risky) or Mother/slave (very expensive).
Is there any Loopol ?
I dont need 400 sub a day tho around 100 would be awesome already… I’m a musician , I have 13k followers and post good content.
Please help . Thank you!

you can follow only 50 (3-4 per hour) people daily and send a direct dm after the follow where you ask them to follow you in a interesting way, comment 40/60 pictures daily with a interesting call to action and like the other comments on the post

like 100/200 pictures daily from people who like hashtags e.g #rapper #newcomer #music or who like posts from musicians

watch many stories from profiles with less then 100 followers, many people look who watch their stories and when you have less then 100 followers you get around 20-60 views that means many people gonna visit your page maybe

with this four combinations you can get around 30-60 followers daily without f/u more then 50 people daily


That’s totally right indeed, they need to be excellent sources of course.


Thank you Daniel, Awesome Answer!!!
How can I find the best source ?

Also , are SuperLike still works? Is it risky?

Try to be as fast as possible when you reply to your comments and messages. Especially when you published a new post, stay online if you can.
Connect with other People in your niche who wants to grow, engage with them and share there post continually and push them, be kind. This way you can create a small “engagement group” without being in a fake “engagement group”. Try to focus on all the new things and functions instagram publishes, be the first who use these.

When you mean Powerlikes, it shouldn’t be risky. Otherwise you could just send some Powerlikes to a competitors account to shoot his page down.

How do you get excellent source? Any advice on targeting? Also is IG going to see my IP and block if I do it from my house computer?

engage with your own followers. win/win.
also do stories with cta
last choice: shoutouts from accs with great engagement and low amount of ghost followers

those are organic ways… i am not talking about mass story viewing or powerlikes. i have different opinions about those…

also… i didn’t see your profile, but you had to give a good impression too: nice profile pic + nice BIO + nice, categorized highlights

also… write long captions w/ your day story + include cta and post-related hashtags

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its sound genius i give it a try :clap:

what do you mean by mass story viewing?
it can help the organic growth?


it uses your account to view thousands of stories and you gain some followers.

Use Instagram for what it is actually made and Instagram will promote you.
Quality content and engaging in the community, simple as that.

Im actually looking for someone who can help me with some safe promotions