How to grow an IG Business account?

Hey Guys,

How would you grow an IG Business account big and real looking?

I ask this question because I think F / U looks too aggressive and hurt the account and trust level…

Would really appreciate it if some of you could help me or give some advice/ideas.

-Best Jay

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Build up other accounts with F/U in the same niche (reposting other content or making your own for it) then shout out the business once in a while on those accounts, OR buy shoutouts from established accounts within the niche

really depends on what niche you are going for but this way you don’t use F/ U on your main account

look up fan account method or mother/child on the forum

also, try DM groups if you can get in some good quality ones

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As @isrmnky said, you could try the mother slave method, but i would try to go viral as well.
If you go viral, you’ll reach a lot of people interested in your niche and content.

The combo is to use the mother slave method with account you grew with viral content :wink:

seek other accounts in your business and ask to like each other – not comment as you don’t need prospects reading others on your posts. this will promote among the followers of other accounts.

place hashtag your posts in 5-6 at the most in the tags most used sub category.

the best and most expensive way is buy ads off other pages( shoutouts) in your field –

if your posts are catalog style – get rid of them

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Hashtags, great settings, reaching out to other players in your niche and post quality content.

Do F/U now and stop it later, people will not talk about it anyway after a while


It’s not enough for your business to simply be on Instagram. For your account to be worth your time and effort, you need to use it well and engage your followers. If you want to grow your business on Instagram as-

  • Share Unique Content Consistency
  • Monitor Hashtags in Your Marketing Bases
  • Promote Your Account on Other Social Media
  • Grow Your Business Community

Thanks for your answer!

So how would you grow a Business Community?