How to grow instagram acount

Honestly i"v been posting in my IG account a lot putting #s but my followera are not growi g at all. Im about to clos this account but i love posting stuff like that. Its about fashin and makeup @learnmakeupofficial . Can anyone help me to grow it. I have only 2.3k followers and more than 1k posts. While my fb page has grown 136k likes… but i really want to grow ig accoung. I would appreciate your contribution… thxx

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where the hell are the tips and learn stuff? see name promotes DIY…its nothing but hq pics offering nothing…possibly change name to not mislead…


On top of what @Alexnvo said , you don’t use a caption .


This forum has tons of great tips, check the most popular posts

the fastest way to do it is to direct your facebook traffic to your instagram page

@learnmakeup in addition to @Alexnvo said. That you must change your name and Logo cause its really misleading. You will have a hard time getting followers where they think you are providing makeup tips and when they browse your feed its all about fashion. Its a close niche but not close enough to use the name of the other one.

I know how hard it is to build a brand without doing the F/UF method. I see that in your stats, since you have that tag in your profile what I would suggest is use Like method of @wortime in lvl 2, it works, not as fast as the F/UF method but it really works. Atm my hardest brand selling patches in the US is gaining 10-30 new followers a day, Hard but its growing and not stagnant.

Thxxjust to ley yuo know that only lately i have started to post fashion as well. It was o ly makeup but not moving at all. However thanks for your comments

I saw what everyone sees…first pictures.Let me ask you something please
’folks, I lift everyday…can’t gain mass in my arms.’

how can anyone help me? I don’t give info on what I am doing or have done…
that is pretty much what you done and we have to reverse engineer what you might be doing not doing.
we will help as much as we can…however we need more info.
age of account
how many times you post.
are these your own content or reposts?
do you follow/unfollow
what is the history of this account?
who is your target?
what do you do to target them?
and more…the more info the better and others can ask you better questions
we are here to help…you got to do your part and give more info please…


well this is kinda obvious, try to promote your ig profile on your facebook page?
i also recommend to change your name, like alexnvo said "change name to not mislead"
here some another tips
follow/unfollow method
target your meal by commenting/like related niche profiles
share your posts also on story daily
buy shout outs from related niche big ig profiles
make more creative content
since you have over 2k followers you can join related niche engagement groups
god luck

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