How to Grow Instagram Safely / TL and more

Do you use scrapers?

manual it out is the way for me… full switch to full manual labor work now I sleep peacefully everyday or any update… lol

@pmonabsol Yah! I totally agree :grin: Manual is another good option as well its just that managing a lot of accounts through automation will save time and energy while having a great growth, it is definitely a great alternative as well. Everything just takes the right settings and great proxies to make everything work :muscle:.

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What are your thoughts on follow blocks

What do you mean @heroeslair ? As for temporary blocks, they are usually resolved after you do relogin via embedded browser. If it’s not solved right away, I usually wait for 24 hours before taking the next step.

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I mean. Do you think there is a common link for follow blocks? Proxies, footprint leaks etc