How to Grow Instagram Safely / TL and more

How to Grow Instagram Safely / TL and more…

🌊The “wave” last March 2021 has affected a lot of automation agencies. A lot of us experienced frequent Temporary Locked issues and others were completely locked out from their accounts and needed to contact IG support to solve it.

If this situation is familiar to you, hear us out:

🆘️ If you were completely locked out from your IG account and could not get in till now, the only solution is to keep messaging IG support till they help you solve the issue.

💡 Instagram is getting stricter right now and one way to avoid getting flagged is to minimize the actions.

But will this affect the growth? Yes. For if we do less actions, we also have less chances to get a followback.

Nevertheless, how do we still keep going? The answer is to keep working on your sources. Aim for at least 20% to 30% followback ratio. Replenish your sources at least every week. Delete the bad ones (below 20%) and replace them with the ones which you think are more effective.

🤔 How do you find good sources?

We recommend to find sources in-line or at least related to your account’s niche. We believe that is the basic thing to do when looking for sources for your accounts. Another thing, look for sources with great engagement rate. Why?

There are a lot of accounts out there which you thought were good sources because they have large followers’ base. In fact, they are really not. Some of these accounts have inactive followers or fake ones which were bought just to make the algorithm better for the account. If this is the case, you have actually less chances of getting a followback.

Therefore, deal with sources that have adequate followers only (we recommend 5k to 10k). Look for an engagement rate calculator only and check it’s engagement rate. A good engagement rate is at least 3.5%.

We recommend the website Phlanx to do this. The downside is that you can only check 3 accounts per IP address. So, you might need a lot of proxies or devices to really make use of the website to its fullest.

🤖👨‍🦱What is your recommended number of follow-unfollow actions per day?

We do a maximum of 130 follow and 150 unfollow per day.

This is to make the account more humane and less automated and if they are still not working on your accounts, try decreasing the actions more.

🚧Locked out issues could be proxy-related as well. As mentioned, IG is getting stricter now and another way to keep your accounts safe is to have a reliable proxy. In layman’s term, proxies are protectors of your accounts from being flagged or disabled. It serves as a mask of your real IP address and acts as a unique IP address of your accounts (as we all know, having too many accounts connected to a single IP address is flagged as a suspicious activity. Hence, running your accounts without a proxy or a reliable one is a very dangerous step in starting automation.

🆘️🤝If you need help regarding with what mentioned above, feel free to message us so we can further assist you or you may also see the guide we made. This guide is for automation newbies who would like to know how to set up their Jarvee account or those who would like to know the changes to be made with the follow-unfollow and other general settings.

🤖🌐The world of automation has been changing very rapidly these days and the only way we can keep up is to change our ways too.


Still can follow 200 per day

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It is possible but depends on the account and how long are you doing it with the account.

no, only warm up 7-15 days
1 private 4g proxy manage 24 accounts.
it is easy

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@billylu You using full api or full EB to do 200? And what are your limits etc.?

@Tal_Klinger Also I have noticed more temp locks and captchas and PVs recently too, I didnt see anyone else posting about it so I thought it was only me.

full api, do not use eb, eb not good.

how is your rotation process? Because 24 accounts is a big number.

And what about scrapers? do you use any?

So to avoid Temp Locked accounts you think what matters the most is using low limits and using quality proxies?

warm up 7-15 days by eb
and then follow 200 by api every day
good quality accounts is important
private 4g proxy

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Is it working for you without issues when following 200 each day?

work well.
good quality accounts and private russian 4g(russian 4g is not very good)
but it work well

Can you provide some screenshoot to prove it?
Obliviously with the API CALL/DAY column turned on.

Thank you!


Latest Instagram Marketing Hacks 2021. Do you believe them?

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Main thing FBR is also demographics. Its very easy to get high FBR with 3rd world countries whereas harder with higher income first world. Which is what most IG marketer’s clients want.

So, filtering should be more strict which means less sources to use. Otherwise no filters means heaps of unwanted followers.

Followers are a great thing but when its mostly third world. The accounts become garbage.

No one wants to do business with a 100k account that is mostly third world. (Unless someone from that country pays obviously). You see lots of gym repost pages run by Indian guys where demographics are 90% Indian. This is a very bad shoutout/ Promo plan for someone with a small page from the U.S.

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Agree. Demographical filtering is a big deal now compared to a few months back.

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@Jaha Yup! Automation requires test from time to time to know what is suitable for your accounts. Thus, yes. Controlling the number of actions you do and using quality proxies are very important considerations.

As of this moment @Jaha we do not recommend 200 follows per day. For us we keep these actions after the Instagram downtime last March and we had problems with frequent temporary locks as IG flagged the actions as suspicious. Better do lesser actions depending on the age of the account.

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This haha. No offence mate @billylu but you’ve been making some serious claims that seem to be 5x more of what everyone else is doing. Some screens to back it up would make some heads turn here but somehow I have a feeling those will never come out, lol.


it is ok, maybe i was wrong

Yes. I agree with the demographics as well. As for the post’s content, what were mentioned there were just one of the many ways to get good FBR. It does not mean that the shoes fits for everyone. I agree that the filtering really depends on client’s needs and requests. We had clients from all over the world not just from US so of course, the filtering will depend on their accounts’ niches and location.

Thank you for your insights though @heroeslair

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