How to Grow New Accounts & Get Traffic To Your Page For FREE🚀

Let me elaborate on how you can grow your Instagram brand, by driving free targeted traffic to your profile. Best part is, this will also increase your engagement and if correctly optimized even generate leads!


  • If you spike curiosity, people will check you out;
  • If you engage, people will engage back – that’s social media.
  • If someone likes your profile, they’ll follow you.

To make the most out of this information, I tested out various engagement strategies and put the best ones into a simple strategy, which I call 30-10-5 LIFT OFF!

:one: Like 30 non-viral comments

Now choose some viral posts from the accounts you’ve found and like start liking the comments! Why does this work? Well you’ll create notifications making people intrigued to check your account – creating an easy opportunity to earn a follow if your content is engaging and interesting.

Why non-viral? So the person getting a like from you actually sees the notification. So don’t like a comment with over 2-3 likes. Best would be actually to handpick the comments, choose ones made by accounts with similar or lower follower counts. Since the more followers the person has – the lesser chance he/she will check out your account or even follow you.

How to find viral posts and accounts for engaging:

  • Go to niche and/or relevant community hashtags to see who’s dominating the top 9
  • Check your explorer page
  • “Suggested for You” section on a relevant account to find similar accounts. You can find it by pressing the dropdown button – located to the right of to the follow button.
  • By using Google to find niche accounts, for this type in: -inurl:/p your_niche

To simplify the term ‘viral’ – let’s call all accounts with an engagement rate >5% ‘viral’. For calculating the engagement I use:

:two: Write 10 viral comments

Drive traffic to your profile by spiking people’s interest with viral comments. How to write one:

  1. Provide value, show personality, make people relate or laugh
  2. Use a call to action

Good way to find viral comments is to find other posts that are doing something similar or are in the same niche, and post the same comment. REALLY great chance that it’ll resonate with the audience as they’re more or less doing the same thing.

BONUS TIP: If you’re getting a shoutout, write these comments under the influencer’s posts. This is highly efficient since the audience will recognize and support you!

Being quick and one of the first comments (especially the first) is very beneficial on huge accounts, since you have the best chance to grab everyone’s attention early before there are more competitors (comments).

Also if you’re consistently early or viral on a single account – it will become an advantage and bring recognition in return, as people will remember you commenting often

:three: Reply to 5 relevant comments

Reply to comments on other posts to provide value (make people laugh, give out information & etc.). By doing this you’ll gather traffic and attention to your profile. Helping you brand yourself and generate profile visits!

:four: Reply to your comments replies The LIFT OFF!:rocket:

Reply to all of your comment replies to carry the discussion and cater the attention. It will convert the traffic from cold to warm, making them more likely to engage back, following you or even becoming leads.