How to grow on Twitter

I have zero experience in Twitter marketing but currently I am thinking of buying 10-20 Twitter accounts.
Would anyone please tell me how can I get traffic…Like more accounts means more retweet…But more retweet doesn’t mean it got me traffic because no body is seeing that retweet because they are not following you.
Really appreciate your help.

I have 20 accounts on twitter.

Things to remember:

  1. They can detect spam right away.
  2. Block accounts easily and get it back easily.
  3. Most of the time, they require phone numbers and they call from Romania and not sms.
  4. You need to post a lot first before starting to retweet.
  5. You can like as much as you want.
  6. follow 100-200 from the 2nd week of the account creation. increase it eventually.
  7. Be careful with mentions. Make sure you have different texts, photos and links.
  8. DMs are useless. Not much people are reading it. If you do, make it simpler.
  9. 2nd week, retweet 100-200.
  10. You can have 10 accounts, 1 phone number.
  11. Don’t create new accounts and start tools. Post post post first.
  12. Most effective retweets are with “quotes”… inspirational. Match your niche.
  13. But always remember that twitter users get a lot of spam form twitter, so they normally disable notifications, emails from twitter… so basically, your chance here is very low compared to IG.

My suggestion is if you don’t already have some larger Twitters to start trading retweets or willing to pay for access to large tweetdecks (engagement groups), then put the effort into Instagram.

I have about 2M real followers on Twitter, and I’m transition most my efforts into Instagram and FB now, as the conversion on Twitter is going to s**t.


cool thx for your wisdom

How many accounts is this spread over?

Not many, been in the Twitter game awhile. Tweetdecks, massing, and trading RTs.