How to grow TikTok accounts?

I’m trying my best to expand my income, so far so good but now I would like to try TikTok for content.
I’m running Black Hat niches and would like to know if other people here are doing the same, and if so:

  1. How do you manage your media?
  2. Do you buy followers, likes, views? if not, then how do you get them organically?
  3. How do you get to trending?
  4. Do you use Jarvee/Other tools in order to automate the process? if so, how beneficial is it?

I believe there’s no way I will get to know your niches since TikTok is such a huge platform, But I’ll totally understand if you would like to keep your tips to yourself, any kind of help will be appreciated!
Have a good one :slight_smile:

Are you trying to grow TikTok accounts?

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Yes, I thought I was clear haha, but thank I’ll edit my post :wink:

Buying, followers, likes or views is always the worst choice. I know that Jarvee’s currently not offering TikTok automation, not sure about other software. I’ve heard that the content is everything when it comes to TikTok. I’ve heard that, while Jarvee was working with TikTok, some users managed to hit some amazing numbers in growth simply by using the repost tool :smiley:


It’s important to know that TikTok is different from other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Even with zero followers, you can get thousands or millions of views on your very first video, as long as it’s unique, fun and/or informative.

Buying followers isn’t going to work on TikTok. You can have millions of them, and still only reach a few people, so focus on your content and be consistent. 2-3 original videos per day is a very good start. They all go on the FYP (unless you violate their rules), and usually the views depend on your video’s engagement rate and watch time.

Edit: And be sure to use trending sounds.

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Unfortunately, we no longer support TikTok Beta in Jarvee.

I agree with this, sometimes it’s the songs that catch the viewers’ attention first.

For the trending sounds, it seems that I can’t use official known sounds… am I missing something?

UP, hoping to get more information about the topic :slight_smile:

you can grow your account your own
its need good informative and funny that people wants to watch and in which you are good in makes you video good in editing quality
and other the sound on trending

  1. Make a unique and informative video
  2. Your video should be attractive
  3. Make your video on a trending topic.
  4. Share your video with your friend circle to increase your account.

I am trying to do it but to be honest, I don’t have that much time and I still haven’t got to scaling.

Currently, I have problems regarding content.
F/UF works and accounts, if they get disabled, they come back after some time.
Follow limits are random for me, I have some accounts on 4G ramping up. Up to 200ish, you can call it safe-ish.

F/UF gets results but content can get more followers if it shoots up but most of the content will suck. A bit random but #s help.

There lies my current bottleneck. 3-5 posts per day per account gets a bit much on xx-xxx accounts.
I think I don’t have copyright/deleted videos issue but again, too much content and using Jarvee from IG reels to this other thing I have can suck sometimes.


@Spiderman, @elena125, @Brisk0 Thanks guys, first I thought I was alone in the battle but in the end, you really gave me good tips on what should I focus on :slight_smile:

Is there any option I can use Jarvee in order to Scrape videos AND post on my TikTok pages?

No, unfortunately, TikTok has been removed from Jarvee.

You still can scrape videos from IG using the Repost tool and send them to a Campaign.

To export videos from Campaign: Go in the posts list tab > show advanced view > more actions > export all videos.

Hey @ossi , But even after I’ll scrape the vid’s from the IG profile, how can I repost them on TikTok?

Thanks Buying, followers, likes or views is always the worst choice

I forgot to add one thing. F/UF followers of acc as sources suck a bit. There are a lot of inactive/fake followers so it screws up FBR. I was looking on how I could scrape likers/commenters but I didn’t find a way.

I think they should give some better FBR but again, I didn’t test it.

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May I ask you how do you F/UF? automation or manually?

I use a bot, but with very limited functions, Jarvee has set so fucking big standards that most other bots/software seem prehistoric. :slightly_smiling_face:

How come there are bots that are working while a tool like Jarvee doesn’t support TikTok?
That’s the 1st most used platform today! :confused: @DanielAdmin

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